October 24, 2013

By Shonassee Shaver

LAWT Contributing Writer


102.3 Radio Free KJLH stage was one of the many fixtures of the Taste of Soul that gave the community a live musical performance. It was an exciting time for the community when the KJLH stage got into full effect on the corner of Rodeo and Crenshaw as there was much anticipation from the crowd to backstage.

DJ Malski kept the audience going, having them guess the lyrics to Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Cameo and Justin Bieber songs while KJLH Jocks Nautica De La Cruz, Tammi Mac and Don Amiche represented the number one radio station in Los Angeles.

“This is the best event in Los Angeles, where the whole city comes together to enjoy food, entertainment, and the celebrities that come out (famous playwright Don B. Welch and Neyo),” said Don Amiche.

“I think of everything L.A.,” said Tammi Mac on what she thinks of when it comes to the TOS.  “This is where the community comes out and has a gigantic party together and it’s incredible to see people playing, laughing and dancing together.”

KJLH had an impressive lineup everyone from Kenny Lattimore to Stevie Wonder.

Mario performed at the KJLH stage singing an array of his popular songs.

“All my hits, my taste of soul, good energy and singing to the ladies,” he stated on what he was bringing to the stage.

On what brought him out to the Taste of Soul, he states it was the people, KJLH, the support for the music and keeping real music alive. He has two new singles “Fatal Distraction” and “LSD” out and upcoming album set to release at the end of the year and will be on tour in Europe and in the U.S.

Performer, Mateo, stated it’s the best event of the summer in LA regarding the TOS. His Song “How Good is Your Love” is in heavy rotation on the radio. You can check out the video for the song on Vevo.

Kenny Lattimore, who came with energy and passion for the ladies, performed.  However the artist focused on how the TOS brought great music to the community, stating, “I think of a taste of our community and bringing everybody out to celebrate life, our culture and great live music. There is something about great live music that brings everybody together.”

Lattimore is working on his album. The crooner is nominated for a Soul Train award and enjoys speaking; he recently spoke at UC Berkley and in Boston.

Glenn Lewis performed and has released his new album.

Neyo, who made an appearance, was happy to be a part of the KJLH stage and Taste of Soul for the first time.  He came to show support for Compound Artist, RaVaughn Brown, who has two singles under her belt.

 “I’m looking to have a goodtime with folks in the community, listen to some good music, and see my artist perform,” said Neyo. “People are coming together to have a good time without any violence.  We live in a very drama-filled world. To be able to come together for something like this feels good.” 

He is in the studio working on his 6th studio album, which is expected at the top of the new year and is focused on his artists on his music label, Compound Entertainment.

Speaking of the newly R&B songstress, RaVaughn performed. The Carson native was thrilled to be a part of the festival, “I’m super excited to be here, to support and perform in front of my people.” 

Brown is currently working on her EP and album. The singer boasted on her two singles, “Better Be Good” and “Best Friend,” and is excited to get more music out to her fans.

The artist who used to sing background with Keri HIlson, Keyshia Cole and Brandy, feels it’s about working hard and not succumbing to the negativity of others to succeed in the music industry.

Mindless Behavior was the awaited performance of the night, creating chaos from backstage to the main stage, where they gave the crowd a presentation of their popular songs including “Use to Be.”

A show stopper, Johnny Gill, made an appearance and performed, bringing an old school and new school flavor to the stage.  Certainly thrilled to be a part of the Taste of Soul, stating “when you look at the family and all of the people that have gathered, it’s always a special day, every year, annually to see family come together.”

The music icon has had an outstanding career and feels, "God has to come first, that’s the foundation and staying committed, ready and prepared,” said Gill. “Something great and authentic doesn’t go away, it is always there.”

 Look for Gill’s new album coming out at the beginning of the year. 

Music royalty, Stevie Wonder, graced the stage giving the audience a special treat with “Isn’t She Lovely” and “My Cherie Amour” and  it didn’t end there, Marques Houston took the night home with a cover of classic R&B songs and a once in a lifetime duet with Gill and Wonder. 

“It was a special moment in my career,” said Houston who was excited that Wonder introduced him on stage and sung with him.

This being his first time at the TOS, he was honored to be on stage with Wonder, Houston recalled Immature (IMX) doing a tribute to Stevie Wonder, “we sang ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You’ and we met him but he wasn’t in the crowd when we did our set, so this is like a make up session for me.”

On his music covers, “I like to jam with my people.  We had to take it back for the people out there and I felt it was appropriate for the crowd.”

Look out for the Immature (IMX) reunion show featuring Dru Hill and Next on November 7 at Club Nokia.  Go pick up his new album “Famous” it’s available on iTunes.

KJLH really outdid themselves at this year’s Taste of Soul; let’s see what they will bring for us next year.

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