October 24, 2013



Steer clear of argumentative folks this week, and let yourself flow with the energy that is spectacularly positive for launching new project plans. Happiness at home is almost a given this week. You may be feeling festive at a late-night social gathering. Soul Affirmation: New insights create new directions and a new cast of characters. Lucky Numbers:  9, 20, 54



Watch for surges in energy that encourage you to overdo it this week, You are brimming over with energy, most of it very positive. Take a walk to burn some of the other kind of energy off and to keep your mind free and clear. Harmony rules at home this week. Soul Affirmation: I get joy from giving good things. Lucky Numbers:  33, 42, 51



It’s a very pleasant and wonderful week of the year for you, Money matters go well, and there is a very sweet harmony between friends and family. Have fun in the present moment, but don’t go overboard, okay? Soul Affirmation: I let my spirit light my path this week. Lucky Numbers:  4, 13, 46



Lots of happy reasons for goofing off this week. You’ll be in a luxurious state of mind, expansive and dreamy. Ideas and dreams seem very real this week. . .enjoy them, and let yourself think about how wonderful it will be when your dreams come true this year. Soul Affirmation: I focus on long-range financial security this week. Lucky Numbers:  22, 43, 50



Happiness is the order of the week as a relationship improves in a way that you didn’t think was possible. Just goes to show you, the power of positive thinking. Be happy and keep your outlook happy. Soul Affirmation: I let positive emotions carry me through the week. Lucky Numbers:  16, 21, 53



You are free to love and laugh, and you’re free to criticize and complain. It’s all in how you want to feel about yourself. Do what feels best to you in the situation that you find yourself in this week. Remember that you have many options! Soul Affirmation: I keep money on my mind this week. Lucky Numbers:  8, 19, 30



All planetary indicators lead to one conclusion, Party! Get together with some friends for a gab-fest and snack food feast. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be loads of fun for all involved. Soul Affirmation: I let my spirit light my path this week. Lucky Numbers: 17, 29, 31



You can rejoice in every new experience this week, because you know the secret to your happiness. What? You don’t know? Sure you do. Sit quietly somewhere this week and think about it. Soul Affirmation: I stand firm for what I believe in. Lucky Numbers:  29, 38, 41



Your unique energy is urging you in a new direction. Listen to your inner voice and go! You’ll be very happy with the outcome if you give your worries up to the universe. Many blessings are available to you if you let go and let the blessings come. Soul Affirmation: I let children supply my life with wisdom this week. Lucky Numbers:  8, 15, 20



A relaxing week at home might be just the cure for what seems to be troubling you this week. Set aside some time to attune yourself to the sound of truth. You are an extraordinary teacher; teach yourself a new way of being with yourself this week. Soul Affirmation: I keep in mind the practical side of life this week. Lucky Numbers:  25, 45, 51



Your ideas are windows into the future. You may be feeling a bit off-center this in the present moment but all you need to do is refine your presentation. Your truth is sound and solid. You can teach with beautiful words. Soul Affirmation: Cooperation with others is the key to success for me this week. Lucky Numbers:  21, 39, 45



Surprises are on tap this week, and you may be the messenger.  Or a new message may come to you; whatever happens, it’s going to be pleasant. Base your sense of reality on the pure vision you have in your head. Soul Affirmation: This week is a gift that I deserve. Lucky Numbers:  1, 26, 32

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