November 14, 2013




Love gets you back on an even keel, and you feel balance and much appreciation for all of the blessings in your life. Your creativity is soaring; let some of your wilder ideas free and watch them fly Soul Affirmation: Being true to others is the way to be true to myself. Lucky Numbers: 13, 29, 40




Sometimes, a path down the middle is better than taking sides in an issue that may lead to discomposure of your emotional harmony. Your challenge this week is to double-check arrangements or tasks that  others say they have done. Be discreet, but if it involves your schedule or needs, do check twice. Soul Affirmation: I enjoy learning new things about myself this week. Lucky Numbers:  22, 38, 42




Your mind is sending bubbles to the top of your consciousness, signaling the imminent arrival of a couple of brilliant ideas. These ideas may even come as you are in your bubble bath or asleep in your comfy bed, so keep a notepad and pen nearby at all  times to capture those impressions as they make themselves known to  you. Soul Affirmation: I master fear by knowing that all is well. Lucky Numbers:  1, 33, 35




Check the fine print carefully this week. You may find yourself in a number of positions this week to advance your financial state. Be sure you have scrutinized the details before signing on any dotted lines. A partner or relative could seem to be urging you toward one of these opportunities; examine that one with  love and common sense. Soul Affirmation: What I need to be is fully present inside of me. Lucky Numbers:  6, 15, 40




Keep your sunny side up and avoid arguments with anyone who seems to give off any negative vibes in your direction. You know in your heart that what you do in the world is much needed. Others know too, they just may have a hard time admitting it this week. Look for love to give you a lift. Soul Affirmation: The winner is me. I smile for the cameras. Lucky Numbers:  31, 32, 54




Your philosophical principles are ready for a larger congregation.  Your hard work, patience, and determination to present a positive  outlook will be paying off this week. You’ll be  blessed with an intuitive flash of all that you have going for you,  and the realization will make you very happy. You’ll be encouraging  many others with your manner of being in the world. Soul Affirmation: All things work together for good Lucky Numbers:  12, 16, 30




Be cautious about when and where you present your ideas this week. There’s some minor jealousy lurking about, and it wants to rain on your gorgeous parade. Be calm and keep your faith in yourself high. You’ve earned the respect and admiration of many by simply acting with complete faith in the rightness of your actions. Take all criticism, constructive or otherwise, with a grain of salt Soul Affirmation: I change the way I look at business this week. Lucky Numbers:  28, 32, 50 




Your charm is unstoppable, and your poise is unflappable, sweeties.  Continue to take advantage of all of your gifts this week and be  your whole, wonderful self. If you take a high road where shared  property is discussed, you may wind up with more than you started  with. Exercise some caution when dealing with negative energy,  whether from people or just a vague intuition. Soul Affirmation: I get joy from giving good things. Lucky Numbers:  13, 39, 41




You need to stay in a positive zone to make your magic happen. A flirtation on the part of  a younger person towards you needs to be gently discouraged. Trust  has been placed in you; don’t inadvertently betray it. If in doubt,  retire to your home and do some cleaning and catching up by telephone with the folks back home. Soul Affirmation: I flavor my life with good wishes towards everyone this week. Lucky Numbers:  16, 28, 52




A happier mood is in store if you spend some of your emotions on a  mate or family member. Your sensitivity to criticism should be kept  in check as much as possible this week, because you don’t really  want to spend your perfect moments feeling temperamental, do you?  Others mean well, they just don’t express themselves perfectly every time. Soul Affirmation: I am a giver of good words this week. Lucky Numbers:  15, 23, 50




A very pleasant week is in store as peace seems to be the dominant current. Your experience will tell you how best to proceed with a close relationship. Right words and actions can restore all to the previous beauty. Soul Affirmation: I concentrate on what is beautiful about my life now. Lucky Numbers:  26, 34, 47 




Friends call and you should answer their requests to join them. You’ll have a nice week out if you go, with lots of camaraderie and good fellowship. You’ll be creating energy for a very inspiring environment. Soul Affirmation: I am inspired by my own words this week. Lucky Numbers:  5, 18, 21


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