July 12, 2012

By Kenneth Miller


LAWT Contributing Writer


Loretta and Bobby Love have been happily married for 20 years and proud homeowners of their Los Angeles residence for 12, but for the past few weeks have been fuming because they say Extermination Company Terminix is responsible for a burglary that occurred at the residence on June 27.


According to The Love’s, they contracted to have their home exterminated on June 25 and were instructed to not reside in the residence for 72 hours. They complied and stayed at a local hotel, but was informed by a neighbor on June 27 that a red truck arrived at the home at 6:30 am or thereabout and took several items with them.


“We feel raped and violated. We trusted Terminix with our home and all of our personal belongings, but instead were totally disrespected. We demand justice,” said a visibly angry Loretta Love.


Mrs. Love cited among the missing items that are alleged to have been stolen as four flat screen televisions, desktop and lap top computer, thousands of dollars in jewelry, personal irreplaceable photographs that were stored in a camera and a precious gem given to her by her mother-in-law that was bought in Brazil.


The couple provided a police report from the L.A. County Sheriff which was summoned to the home, a contract signed for Terminix and receipts totaling more than $15,000 as evidence.


They say that Terminix contracted the work to a sub-contractor named Preferred Fumigation Inc., and they believe that company is responsible for the theft.


Terminix issued the following statement through Katie Wassmer:


“We take these allegations very seriously and since learning of them have fully cooperated with authorities in their investigation into this matter. We will continue to do everything necessary to support their efforts.


While Terminix is committed to professional performance, we cannot always prevent the deliberate wrongful acts of others.  Our customers’ satisfaction is a top priority for us, and we empathize with any loss by the homeowner of personal belongings.”


Both the husband and wife work as case managers in the mental health field. Bobby is a case manger for the homeless, responsible for securing housing and find help for substance abuse.


“More than 20 years ago I was homeless with a substance abuse problem and was blessed to turn my life around, so for me to be working in this field is a verification of where I came from and also hope for them,” Bobby stated.


Loretta is a college graduate from Cal State Long Beach and is a devout Christian and attends church regularly.


“This is just a hopeless feeling because deeds to our home, pink slips to our cars and my husband’s wedding band were among the several items that were stolen. When something like this happens it challenges your faith, but I am committed to the God I serve,” she solemnly added.


They have reached out to both companies and also have consulted with a lawyer, but have not retained counsel believing that perhaps Terminix will resolve the issue.


“We hope that our neighbor who witness the burglary will cooperate with law enforcement and we want to see theses individuals prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It’s just wrong and we wanted it corrected,” concluded Mr. Love.

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