August 02, 2012

The Jan Perry for Mayor Campaign has raised $1,162,908. The June 30th campaign filing will show that Jan Perry, has raised over $327,000 since January 1st with more than $175,000 in public matching funds. The over $1.1 million raised to date represents 1500 donors with nearly 2000 individual donations. This large number of individual donors shows the power of grassroots activism in Los Angeles and the power of Jan Perry’s vision to revitalize Los Angeles. Thousands have rallied to support Councilwoman Jan Perry, who would be the first African American woman elected Mayor of Los Angeles.

“I am truly humbled by the outpouring of local support for my campaign for Mayor of Los Angeles. I know my supporters believe in our vision for a prosperous Los Angeles, where entrepreneurs and small businesses drive job creation, we provide affordable housing near public transit systems that link our working families to job centers, and offer a public education system that truly prepares our children for the jobs of tomorrow. I will not stop until we reach our goals,” said Perry.

Councilwoman Jan Perry is the only woman currently serving on the 15 member city council and is the first African American woman to have held the position of President Pro Tempore. She has championed private investment and job creation in Los Angeles.

During her tenure on the city council, Jan has helped deliver over $15 billion in private investment resulting in the creation of over 90,000 jobs. She recently broke ground on the Dunbar Village project to revitalize the historic African American Dunbar Hotel located on Central Ave in South Los Angeles. Central Avenue was the West Coast jazz mecca of the 1940’s. In its heyday the Dunbar Hotel hosted such greats as Billie Holliday, Duke Ellington, and Count Basie. The historic landmark project is expected to reopen in February 2013 and will provide affordable housing for families and seniors.

“Jan Perry has demonstrated the most strategic vision for economic development and job creation. She has the most compelling message and best personal story of anyone running for Mayor next year. By raising more than a million dollars, she has once again shown that she will have the resources necessary to run a winning campaign,” said Eric Hacopian, Jan Perry’s campaign consultant.

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