October 08, 2015


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Kizure, the Los Angeles-based hair care company started by husband and wife team, Mr. Jerry and Lucky White in 1972, began with the famous, if not ubiquitous, Afro pick as their introduction to the Black hair industry.  One of the first Black-owned beauty suppliers, the White’s opened their first place of business in Central Los Angeles, where they enjoyed great success with their production of a the classic Kizure curling irons and pressing combs. 


With continued consumer feedback and research, they then moved into successful distribution of the widely popular Kizure “Big Mouth” hot stoves.


While dominating the market in custom curling irons, stoves and pressing combs, Kizure has kept pace with the changing trends in black hair by adding Thermal Kontrol and Mega Shine product lines in the form of ; shampoos, conditioners, gels and hair sheens. All products are designed to enhance current styling techniques of including curls, weaves, straighter looks and natural hair. 


The Thermal Options line, known for its tag line, “You’ve got options baby,” was highly successful in salons, said nationally according to Director of Marketing and Sales, Ms. Rainey White, who also happens to be the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. White.


Rainey’s hard work and dedication to the family business is exemplifiedis seen in by her aggressive promotion to push Kizure to new distribution heights and an even broader customer base by utilizing social media and adapting product lines to current trends.


“There are imitations out there that don’t match the quality of Kizure products.  Kizure Iron Works is the platinum standard today.  Over the years we’ve seen a lot of companies come and go and we are still here.  Our reputation is in our name.  Kizure stands for quality and excellence,” Rainey said.


Thousands of stylists, salons and consumers across the country, over almost a half a century, would agree. 


After over 40 years of ownership, Mr. Jerry White continues to give back to the Black community by supporting other Black owned businesses and freely sharing information and knowledge he has gained over the course of his long career as an entrepreneur. 


For nearly 20 years, Black manufacturers had a hold on the multi-billion-dollar Black hair care industry. 


Companies including Soft Sheen, Dudley, Luster Silk and Frank Davie’s World of Curls helped create the black hair care boom, generating millions of dollars in the process.  Kizure continues to be the front leader in ironware.  “Today the African American hair care industry generates over $10 billion annually,” says White.  “And though times continue to change, we still have a commitment to supporting the black entrepreneur.  This is how we strengthen our community.” This sentiment is reflected in Kizure’s motto, “Come Home to Kizure.”


Celebrating over 40 years in business, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry White of Kizure will be honored at this year’s Taste of Soul Festival at the Taste of Beauty Pavilion.  For more information, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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