December 03, 2015 

LAWT Staff Report 


Guests, celebrities and well -wishers joined Sweet Alice Harris at the 50th Year Celebration Gala at JW Marriott at LA LIVE.


Guests poured in from across the nation to congratulate Sweet Alice for a life worth lived for the sake of others, and for assisting the city of Los Angeles in its quest for love, understanding and continued solidarity in the South Los Angeles community.


Sweet Alice received numerous awards and congratulations from politicians as well as community/corporate leaders and a new mini-van, compliments of Toyota.


Ms Yvette Devereau, Ph.D, violinist, entertained the audience with soothing jazz delights while Pat Harvey, emcee, shared her story of love for Sweet Alice and how she followed her great works in the city for decades.


Linda Harris Egerton, daughter of Sweet Alice, along with her husband Mr. Egerton Forster prepared the guests for the evening as guests were moved by the many facets of Sweet Alice's vast background, which to many, was unknown.


Mr. Robert Smith, son of Sweet Alice, and his wife LaTanya introduced the audience to ‘Chicago Style Steppin’ on the dance floor and many joined in to try the moves.


A special surprise guest also in the audience was Hyepin, Christine Im, CPA, MBA, Master of Divinity and President and Founder of the multi-million dollar Korean Churches For Community Develop­ment Corporation (Kccd).


Dr. Im represented the entire Korean community at the event.. Dr. Im and the Korean community love and salute Sweet Alice Harris for her steadfastness and continued love for Los Angeles.


Congratulations Sweet Alice!

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