December 31, 2015 

By Brittany K. Jackson 

Contributing Writer 


Everyone knows that the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without a few surprises. Well, 8-time NBA all-star Christ Paul and one of America’s all-time favorite funny men Kevin Hart did just that and more when they gifted hundreds of Los Angeles youth with $100.00 gift-cards to Target, and showed up personally to fuel the excitement.


Several community based organizations, including LA’s Best, the Boys & Girls Club of Watts/Willowbrook and the Brotherhood Crusade were chosen as the recipients of the duo’s second Holiday Takeover, designed to provide youth gifts with a message attached, just in time for Christmas.


Outside of the Westfield mall’s Target store in Culver City, the Sentinel awaited the arrival of a slew of Brotherhood Crusade youth, said to be under the impression they would be visiting a popular arcade following their all too awesome continental breakfast.


Once organizers gathered the curious bunch in one place, the surprise was on. Hart and Paul showed up with their children and families, inducing a media frenzy with casual holiday shoppers morphing into paparazzi as they watched the superstars conduct an impromptu one-on-one chat with the Brotherhood Crusade youth.


“It’s the holidays, and during the holidays we like to get in the holiday spirit,” comedian Kevin Hart said to kick-off the surprise. “The best way to do that is to give back, put smiles on people’s faces and that’s why Chris and myself decided to do this today.” And the holiday rally didn’t stop there, both Hart and Paul wanted to teach each of the youth a valuable lesson about the spirit of giving in life and during this season.


“All of you guys are going to get one hundred dollars, a hundred dollars each,” NBA star Chris Paul said. “We only have one request from you guys; whenever you go in there and get your gifts, all we ask is that you get at least one gift for somebody else,” Paul continued.


Purchasing at least one gift for another served as a stark reminder for the youth not just to think of themselves, but others, just as the stars thought of them this season. As Paul, Hart and all 100 plus crusaders rushed Target to start shopping, it was clear that joy, peace, and the powerful gift of giving filled the atmosphere.


The Brotherhood Crusade and their remarkable President and CEO Charisse Bremond Weaver are to thank for organizing the dynamic event, maintaining their long-standing commitment toward enriching the lives of underserved youth in South Los Angeles. To see more of the holiday frenzy featuring Kevin Hart, Chris Paul, and the Brotherhood Crusade youth, visit or the Sentinel’s YouTube Channel for the exclusive footage.

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