July 14, 2016 

City News Service 

With the smartphone game app Pokemon Go experiencing an eye-popping measure of success, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is giving the game's growing legion of players key tips on keeping safe while enjoying the fun.


The game — a social media sensation that has boosted Nintendo’s stock market value $9 billion since last week, according to the Wall Street Journal — leads players to physically seek out virtual Pokemon characters in real world settings through their smartphone cameras.


“Many of our deputies continue to capture Pokemon and want to share some secrets in becoming the ultimate Ash Ketchum,” the department said on Facebook, referring to one of the game’s main characters.


The tips are:


• don’t play while driving


• play in well-lit areas


• if you suspect you are being followed, yell for help and use your phone to dial 911


• be aware of your surroundings as you play


• stay off private property


• play in pairs with a friend


• be cautious of being lured into a bad situation.

Category: Health