Councilwoman Tana McCoy is not your everyday politician.  In fact the Compton City Councilwoman appointed just over a year ago doesn’t consider herself a politician at all.  “I wasn’t looking to get into politics, politics came looking for me,” said McCoy who is currently running for office.


Tana McCoy got into to politics after long time Councilwoman Yvonne Arceneaux retired and the Compton City Council tagged McCoy to replace her.  Before becoming a member of the Compton City Council Mrs. McCoy had a long history of working in the city she loves. 



She was a 40 year employee of the city; she has been a resident her entire life, her children live in the City of Compton and her grandchildren live in the city as well. 




What Tana McCoy did make her life’s work was doing things and getting things done for the people of Compton.  Long before she joined her colleagues as a city official, Tana McCoy was about being a servant of the people.  “I was always involved in something within the community, from providing meals for our seniors to making sure that our children have a safe place to play”.  That is what McCoy did before she was elected and that is her mission now, only from the other side of the dais.  She believes Compton is a wonderful city that people from the outside need to see and experience on their own. 


“We have made tremendous strides in bringing services to the residents of the city, we have new housing popping up all over my district (District #3), “we have a new shopping center on the corner of Compton Blvd. and Central, we have partnered with Neighborhood Housing Services and have now created a first time homebuyers program”.  All of this is about moving Compton forward.  A mission that McCoy does not take for granted and understands that the task is ongoing.


That is why for the first time in her life she is out knocking on doors and campaigning to be re-elected to the Compton City Council.  When asked what will be her priorities over the next four years if re-elected. She says her first priority is to rebuild the infrastructure and repair the streets in the city.  “We promised the voters that we would repair the streets and one of my main focuses is to get this done in an efficient but timely manner”.  She says jobs are also a big part of her campaign platform.  Compton has made tremendous strides over the past four years; new businesses are popping up everywhere.  Companies like UPS have made significant investments into bringing businesses to the city and with these investments comes jobs.  Quality jobs, good paying jobs that help build and strengthen families and communities.  McCoy believes that Compton is a great place for both small businesses and big businesses alike.  Not only is UPS opening a major distribution center in the former Brickyard facility but Compton is also opening up its first In N Out Burger in the city this year as well.


People have a negative perception of Compton “I remember when I was in Washington DC with my son for a field trip and a lady introduced me to some people and said can you believe she is from Compton?”  Well the now councilwoman and then city employee was offended by the statement; she replied “why do you say it like that?  Have you ever been to Compton?  Do you know the people in Compton?  Well before you make a statement like that you should first get to see and know the city”. The person obviously apologized, but it is that type of commitment to the city and to its residents which drives Tana McCoy to want to continue the mission that she has been a part of for the past 13 months.


Councilwoman McCoy along with her colleagues has made significant strides in moving the city in the right direction.  They have reduced the city’s 43million dollar deficit by almost 40%.  They are continually working to not only trim the fat from the budget but also continue the funding to provide quality services to the residence.  “Safe parks and programs for our youth and support services and activities for our seniors are two of my top priorities” said Councilwoman McCoy.  She also played a key role in bringing new City Manager Cecil W Rhambo, Jr. to the city.  She says she has the utmost confidence in Mr. Rhambo and his ability to move the city forward.  “He is a former LA County Sheriff who has a plan and a vision for how to get things done.  He is very organized and most importantly he wants to be here.  He is not a career city manager but he is a career public servant” and that will suit the city very well.


As a long standing member of Unity Christian Fellowship Church in Compton, Councilwoman McCoy has an unwavering faith that she will be successful in her bid to be re-elected to the city council.  She clearly believes that as a council person or as an everyday citizen her job is and will always be about serving the city and residents she loves, and that is the City of Compton.


That is why the Los Angeles Sentinel and the LA Watts Times proudly endorse Councilwoman Tana McCoy for City Council (District #3). 

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