Boyd’s Life Reflections 

Chief Jerome Anthony Boyd was the second born to the union of Joe Willis Boyd and June Champion Boyd, on September 18, 1961 in Los Angeles, California. He died on April 28th, 2017 unexpectedly, after suffering a medical emergency at the age of 55.


Jerome attended Marvin Avenue and Hyde Park Elementary Schools, Orville Wright Jr. High and Crenshaw High School.  After graduating from high school, he attended Santa Monica City College, where he later transferred to Oregon State University. He was offered a scholarship to play linebacker for the “Vicious” Beavers football team.


In 1982, Jerome’s talents led him to the NFL to play with the Seattle Seahawks. In 1983, he was one of the key contributors in helping the Seahawks earn a wild-card playoff berth, taking them to their first playoffs in franchise history. Jerome played his entire NFL career with the Seattle Seahawks.


In 1986, Jerome joined the Los Angeles City Fire Department, accomplishing yet another life long dream. He regularly challenged himself at every level. His promotions included, Apparatus Operator, Captain I, Captain II and Battalion Chief, a position he would serve for 10 years. This was one of many examples of his tenacity and dedication to success.


On September 17, 1999, Jerome married Caroline Boyd one day before the birthday they share. The couple was happily married for 17 years and shared a common interest in teamwork, live music and travel. Jerome was a generous individual to all, especially the people he cared about and loved. He was passionate about ensuring people worked to meet their full potential and regularly offered time, encouragement and resources.




Jerome was at LAX for several years and one of the major responsibilities was to ensure the safe landing and takeoff of Air Force One. As a result, in 2012 President Barack Obama honored Jerome for successfully accomplishing this goal.  He would later transfer to the Public Safety Section. A position he had planned to retire in.  In his role he ensured the public’s safety during large events such as the LA Marathon, Taste of Soul Family Festival, The Academy Awards, The Grammy Awards and various concerts. 


Jerome leaves to cherish his memory, his mother, June Boyd; wife, Caroline Boyd; daughter, Cherrelle Hanes (husband, Christopher); son, Jerome A. Boyd II (wife, Jamesha); bonus sons, Justin Hull (wife, Kenya) and Corey Lowe; brother Michael Johnson; sisters, Julienne and JoAnnne Boyd; nephew James-Michael Johnson; niece, Shanique Powell; grandchildren Ahmaurie, Aniaha, Ryan, Jayla and Mason; great nieces, Milan, Ayana, and Katherine Powell; great-nephew, Danny Shell; and a host of other family and friends.



Jerome’s Story 

By June Boyd 


Jerome Anthony Boyd was the second child born to the union of Joe Willis Boyd and June Champion Boyd on September 18, 1961. By the time Jerome was 3 years old he had made plans for the rest of his life. He said he was going to be a football player, a fire truck and own his own business. His father told him that he could not be a fire truck because a fire truck was motor vehicle. Later, we found out he wanted to be one of the men who drove or road on the truck.


At age 5 he taught himself how to swim by watching his brother in swimming lessons. At age 13, he made a job for himself finding swimming pools in the neighborhood that needed cleaning. My husband and I just thought he was outside playing with his friends in the “hood,” but all along he was earning money with the job that he created for himself. This continued to the age of 16. This marked the age when he was able to get a regular job at Pupp’n Taco. At the age of 18, he had saved enough money to purchase his first car. A Sunbird with the license plate JRATEDX.


Jerome went to Santa Monica City Collgee while his late brother, Jeffrey attended Los Angeles City College. At one point the brothers had to play against each other and Jerome told the family to go sit on his brother’s side because he was going to need the support after Jerome’s team won and they did. Several colleges recruited Jerome to play football as well a his brother Jeffrey.  They decided instead of playing against each other, they would play together at  Oregon State University, (the Beavers).


While attending Santa Monica City College, Jerome met Ruth Murdock from there they transferred to Oregon and were later married. To this union produced my grandchildren Cherrelle and Jerome Boyd II.


Domino’s was Jerome’s favorite hobby. He was so passionate about the game he even wrote an instruction book on how to play and later sold them. He and his lifelong friends from the “hood,” played fearlessly. Skating was another passion, one of Jerome’s passions where her met, Caroline Hull and they were later married.


Jerome was preceded in death by his father Joe Willis Boyd and his brother Jeffrey Alonzo Boyd. As his mother I witnessed a true gem. He made a proud mother.



My Story 

By Caroline J. Boyd 


I first laid my eyes on Jerome A. Boyd at a skating rink called World on Wheels. Being the smooth talker he was, he approached me and told me I was too young to be there on a night designated for 25 and older skaters. I sassed him and said I would be 25 years old in one month. This is when we realized we shared the same birthday. From that day forward we were inseparable.


We dated for eight years before deciding to get married. Once married, I vowed to make him the happiest husband ever. Not realizing the challenge I was taking on, I was up for it and took on the challenge no questions asked. The more I took care of him the more he loved and pampered me. He treated me like a Queen, regularly paying me attention and filling my every need. His saying for me was, “your happiness is my main priority.” He made our marriage so special.


Early in our marriage I wanted to express how happy he made me, so I wrote him a “certificate of my love” letter.  I felt every word in my heart (a bit corny, but true).  He kept it in our home office next to the computer, a place he visited often.


Jerome was my best friend and always had my best interest at heart.  Although, we won’t grow old together as we’d planned I am grateful for the times we shared and the memories that will forever be embedded in my heart.



Certificate of my Love


I love you not only for what you are,


but what I am when I am with you.


I love you not only for what you


have made of yourself,


but for what you helped make of me.


I love you not only for the care


in your heart, but for the tender care


you share for both of us.


I love you not only for your sexy body,


but for your handsome smile. 

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