Super-vocalist powerhouse AliyahMoulden has one big goal in mind and that is to become an EGOT. 


EGOT is an acronym for those rare talents that have earned an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony award. It’s a small group of artists who hold this distinction, including James Earl Jones, Whoopi Goldberg and Rita Moreno.


Afro-Latina (African American and Mexican) Aliyah turns sweet-16 on August 14th and with ever step, she’s walking toward the path to reach her EGOT goal.


Training since the age of four, she considers “passion and discipline” as two of the vital qualities to reach her artistic goals.


It’s that drive that helped her stand out while a contestant on “The Voice” (2017) turning industry veterans heads with her voice and over all stage presence being compared to Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Adele. While on the top rated NBC show, “The Voice”, country singer Blake Shelton was her personal coach and she achieved the top 3 status.


The young artist spends most of her time in training and on the road, and has already opened for Beyoncé protégés Chole X Hale, performed at the BET Experience LA Live (2016), Disney’s Channel’s “Shake It Up” after party opener for platinum singer Jesse McCarney and participated in a national summer tour with Michael Deleasa with continuous collaborations with Alessia Cara, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Zedd, Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson.


On her own, she just completed her first EP which features the song “We Own the World” written by Multi-Platinum producer Drew Lane (“Hannah Montana” and “High School Musical”). She was also a part of the National Official Stand Up Tour 2015, conducted by Peggy Lafrate Senior Director of Sales at “Teen Life” and President at Strega Entertainment Group. Ms. Lafrate was previously Radio Disney’s Northeastern regional manager. As an ambassador for the tour, Aliyah recorded the theme song for the Tour with American Idol Finalists Robbie Rosenlive, in collaboration with up and coming band The House on Cliff, and other artists.


The big news for AliyahMoulden and one that move her closer to her EGOT goal is booking the leading role in the Netflix original feature film “Anastasia: Once Upon A Time”—retelling of the Anastasia Romanov story which marks the second production between Swen Group, the Latin American giant that recently established a U.S. distribution arm, and conglomerate—the Florida-based production company behind Walt Before Mickey and the upcoming Little Mermaid.


In “Anastasia: Once Upon A Time” the story begins, in 1917 as the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II flees Lenin’s troops through a time portal, emerging in 1988 when she befriends a young American girl.


AliyahMoulden will write and perform original songs and Blake Harris directs, as he did on “Little Mermaid.”


Catching up with AliyahMoulden was a challenge but when we connected, in route to another vocal session, she was all giggles anticipating her upcoming birthday and what it will take to earn her EGOT.


L.A. Watts Times (LAWT): You’ve been cast in Anatasia Romanov story “Anastasia: Once Upon A Time” which is set in 1917.  Can you tell us more about your role in this project?


AliyahMoulden (AM): The name of the movie is “Anastasia:  Once Upon a Time,” and it’s about a girl named Anastasia, who travels from 1917 to 1988.  While she’s soaking up the eighties she meets my character, Bliss, a pop artist of the 1980’s. 


LAWT: 1988, you are just turning 16 on August 14th. You are not a child of the 80’s?  Can you identify?  


AM: Absolutely.  I can definitely identify with [the character] Bless because she and I both have a love for music.  For this character, I also get to work with the amazing music producer Jeremy Rubolino for the music for the film.  I am really excited about the opportunity and I look forward to working with such a talented cast and crew.


LAWT: This sounds amazing, congratulations, it seems you are one step closer to earning your EGOT! How did you get cast in this project?


AM: Thank you so much!  My agent and [the film’s producer] Armando Guiterrez had been talking about me while I was still on “The Voice.” 


The very day after I finished [“The Voice”]. I met with [producer] Armando Guiterrez and the director, Blake Harris via SKYPE.  They thought I was [exactly] the person for their project [“Anastasia:  Once Upon a Time,”] and here I am ready to film soon.  I am so thankful for the opportunity.


LAWT: Perfect. What do you love about being a songstress?


AM: I love connecting with people through music.  I feel that music is such a personal thing and when you’re singing; it creates an indescribable feeling.


LAWT: What advice would you give to young performers? How do you keep your disciplined life matched with your professional obligations?


AM: The advice that I would give, to young performers is to stay focused, and to be ready to work very hard to achieve their dreams. I keep my disciplined life matched with my professional obligations by keeping daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.


LAWT: Where do you call home now?  Also, please tell me your top 3 favorite haunts?


AM: I was born in Annapolis, Maryland, and we moved to California when I as one year old. I now call Los Habra, California my home. I really love to just hang out at home, the mall, or Disneyland.


LAWT: Please share with us your top three favorite artists?


AM: My top three artists are all tied in my heart:  Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean, and Rihanna [they] are all EVERYTHING!


LAWT: Where do you want your career to go as you move toward being an EGOT?


AM: My goal is to try to master my craft as much as I can.  I want to grow as an artist, and to use my abilities to make a better world.


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