October 11, 2012

By Ashley Nash

LAWT Contributing Writer


Owner of Jack’s Family Restaurant, Jack Davenport Sr. leaves behind his loving family, friends and staff.

Born February 11, 1935 in Oklahoma, Jack Davenport Sr. was the third of seven children. Following his birth, the large family moved frequently; finalizing their journey in Arizona. Spending much of his childhood within the desert state, Davenport Sr. gained his first employment opportunity as a dishwasher at a local hotel. Later acquiring a position at ABC studios, Davenport was sent off to formally train as a chef due to his impact on the staff. Keeping in mind those around him, Davenport encouraged his family to work in the business he established in 1969.

For over 43 years, Davenport Sr. has managed Jack’s Family Restaurant all the while incorporating his initial vision of maintaining a family-like environment. Initially providing soul food breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner, Davenport soon placed his focus solely on breakfast. Throughout the changes of his business, Davenport Sr. continued to embrace his family, friends, new and old customers that became a part of his family as well.

Contributing to the warm environment, many customers and locals would gather for conversation, to play games of pool and dominoes. Even the media knew family and employees that shared his same values encompassed Jack’s Family Restaurant. Influenced by his rededication to Christ, Davenport was a family man who was very caring and left a lasting impression on all that crossed his path. The Sentinel would like to thank Jack Davenport Sr. and his staff for their dedication to the community and may Jack Davenport Sr. rest in peace.

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