September 22, 2022



When the week begins, you’ll be fired up mentally to tackle a bevy of to-dos related to moneymaking and your work. Checking off anything that you’ve been putting off for a while can feel empowering and clear the decks for exciting new opportunities. Midweek, the cosmos urges you to reflect on the amount of give and take in your relationship. If you’ve been wanting to settle certain debts or tackle another daunting financial undertaking, now could be a productive time for that. Later, you're urged to research new ways to tackle big-picture professional projects. 




You’ll be on fire mentally and have extra energy to tackle heavy-duty meetings, research, and conversations with colleagues and friends when the week begins. Midweek, you could feel the weight of doing your best to strike a balance between your needs and those of your significant other or a loved one. Reflecting on related lessons you can best learn right now can serve your bond well as you move forward. Later, you could be inspired to plan for travel or higher education down the road. You can trust your gut to lead the way, and if you’re worried you’re being overly optimistic, know that unrelenting positivity is something beneficial to embrace now as well. 




Exploring new ways to bolster your mind and body wellness comes naturally at the beginning of the week. You’ll want to dive into a new class or pick a friend’s brain about their favorite workouts and grounding practices. Midweek, finding ways to add more balance to your hectic schedule at work and at home can feel not only necessary but empowering right now. Later, the cosmos makes it easier to connect with a lover on a soul level.




When the week begins, you could feel frustrated if it seems like you’ve been sticking to mundane chores while putting joy and playfulness on the back burner for too long. Giving yourself a break to relax and enjoy simple pleasures (think connecting with a loved one over a video chat or expressing yourself through your favorite art form) is called for now. Later, you’ll feel compelled to connect with colleagues, friends, your significant other in a deep and meaningful way. Your ability to engage others and influence them is elevated, so if you’ve been wanting to make a play for more responsibility, go after a new career opportunity, or initiate a collaboration, this is a prime time to move the ball forward. 




At the start of the week, the cosmos is setting you up for vibrant communications with higher-ups and colleagues. You’ll be able to pitch new projects with ease and check busywork off your list in a way that feels effortless. Later, you’ll be meditating on the aspects of life that offer you a sense of security. But if putting your nose to the grindstone to ensure your career is on track has been taking a toll and leaving you feeling burned out, it might be time to shift your focus ever so slightly to the activities that make your personal life feel full, like building relationships with loved ones and taking time to beautify your environment. 




If you’ve been wanting to pitch a creative project that you hope will lead to financial rewards, consider sharing it with higher-ups and anyone else of influence in the early part of the week. You’ll have a certain knack for making a charming impression, being in the moment, and putting your artistic impulses to work for your cash flow. Later, you could feel swamped with to-dos. Take a deep breath and begin tackling what you can. It will have you feeling more centered and capable of taking a step back in order to take care of yourself.




Letting your mind wander and being able to embrace your daydreams is crucial to making the most of the moment in the beginning of the week. You might be thinking of new ways to increase your skill set by taking an online course or plotting future travel with loved ones. You’ll feel like you’re at your most playful and lighthearted now. Later, you could have a productive, game-changing conversation with a loved one. 




You could find yourself craving attention and feeling like you’ve had to put your needs on hold in order to tend to everyone else, especially family, and everything around you at the start of the week. Taking a deep breath and reflecting on what’s real and what’s imagined could be key to working through this challenging moment. Later, initiating an important talk with a significant other, close colleague, or dear friend could be integral to your personal and shared growth.




You might need to carve out some solo time in the beginning of the week. Prioritizing your self-care, mind/body routine (think meditating, yoga, Tarot) can feel especially restorative now. It can allow you an important period of rest before you dive into a more active, social period in which you might be spending more one-on-one time with a loved one or colleague. Later, you’ll do well to take a chance on that bold, creative project you’ve been wanting to pitch. As long as you’re following your heart, anyone on the receiving end of your proposal will be mesmerized by your positivity and big-picture thinking. 




A key team project could be coming to its organic culmination as the week begins. You could realize just how fulfilled you can be by certain types of collaboration and want to pursue even more communal experiences, perhaps by taking an online course or doing virtual volunteer work for a local organization. Midweek, the cosmos is urging you to cozy up to those you love through sweet words. You’ll be sure to make an impression now. Later, your daydreams of adventures to enjoy down the road are amplified. 




Tackling large-scale projects with loved ones could come more easily at the start of the week. Even if you’re checking off a long list of minor details, you’ll feel you've accomplished something.  Midweek, stepping into the spotlight in your work might be inevitable and present an exciting opportunity. Embracing the chance to share your forward-thinking ideas with others can prove exhilarating now, and by trusting your instincts, recognition can be yours. Later, you’ll do well to address underlying stressors on the job so you’re not apt to explode should they reach a fever pitch. 




You’ll feel like a complete powerhouse when it comes to taking on everyday chores, like generally tedious paperwork or responding to a variety of emails when the week gets underway. Getting all of this busywork squared away will make more room for you to enjoy well-deserved time spent dreaming and planning for the future. Later, you could be feeling more emotional and artistic. Get in tune with your intuition and allow yourself to get carried away. You could land on a truly romantic, fulfilling vision that you’ll ultimately want to pursue.

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