March 16, 2023



This week, obstacles are no match for you. Mars in Gemini and your house of communication squares imprecise Neptune in Pisces. Directions could get all messed up. Aries, you might send a text to a group when you think you’re sending it to an individual. An email could go to the wrong person. You want to be extra careful when it comes to your communication. On the other hand, this combination is great for creating art, interpretive dancing, or practicing the psychic arts.Aries, you might recognize and unravel a loop of self-defeating thoughts, like pulling yourself out of a net. Now you’re free to fly. You could feel liberated.




You’re clearing away the blocks to what you want. You might think you have more money in your checking account than you really do. Or you might misread a price tag and think it’s a tenth of what it really is. Taurus, money matters could get all messed up. It’s important to check and double-check before you sign any contracts or make a final purchase. A better use of this energy is to do a little money magic by sprinkling a pinch of cinnamon under your welcome mat to attract opportunities.A discussion with a friend could be most enlightening. They know you so well, so they’re able to see things about you that you can’t see yourself. 




You could get your wish.Mars in your own sign of Gemini squares magical Neptune in Pisces. Sometimes wishes do come true. Something that you want now could appear. And while this might not be your biggest wish, it could be one of your most recent. Someone could give you a gift, or you might find the item on sale at a major discount. Gemini, this could also be something connected to your employment that gives you a boost or a very nice perk.Gemini, you’re very visible right now, so what you post into the world could circle the globe and bring you likes and followers. At work, you’re noticed by your boss and their boss. This is a good time to launch a marketing campaign for your business.




A little bit of dabbling could lead to something great. Your interests could reveal hidden talents. It’s high time you explored some of these interests to see if they can grow into real skills. Cancer, this is a good time to begin a hobby that could turn into a business.Cancer, you might dream about hitting the road. You might think about buying an RV and exploring national parks and public lands. Or perhaps you want to strap on a backpack and walk across Europe. This is a good time to figure out what you need to do to make this happen. Dreaming is one thing, but now you can make headway toward your goal.




A little magic goes a long way. A few of your friends might get together to play a magical video game or an all-night session of Dungeons & Dragons. Leo, you might be enjoying a TV show filled with witches and spells. But even better than pretending is embracing a magical life with your friends by honoring nature and speaking to the soul of the world.Leo, you and your sweetheart could have a romantic evening together. Perhaps the kids are at a sleepover or spending the night with grandma. The two of you might have the house to yourselves. If you’re looking for love, you could find someone who shares a sensual fantasy with you.




You’re walking a spiritual path.Virgo, consider sitting down with your supervisor and telling them about your vision of your career future. You might want to sketch out a plan for the business you want to start. This is more than making a wish. It’s time to develop a strategy.You could meet someone who is spiritually connected to you. They believe similar things, and they have an understanding of the things you’re interested in. They might be of the same religion or walk the same spiritual path. This person could be someone you already know but today you discover you have much in common.




You hear the harmony of the Universe.This is a time to commune with the Universe. Libra, you might do that by taking a walk through the park as you see winter give way to spring. You might say a prayer or meditate about the things going on in your life. Your angels and guides are listening, so this is a good time to ask the Universe for help and favors.Now when you visualize a healthy new lifestyle you can find the motivation and resources you need to achieve it. Libra, this is about embodying health. You move from being a person who eats vegetables to a vegetable lover, or from a person who is interested in tai chi to being a tai chi student.




You could be inspired. Scorpio, now you’re looking at issues around control. You might determine what is within your control and what’s outside of your control. You could notice that others are trying to limit your actions or communication. They might want to have power over you, but you are clear about your boundaries today. Now you feel quite inspired. Scorpio, perhaps you saw something in the world that now makes you want to write music or paint a picture. You could take a class in a creative modality. It’s also possible that you are displaying your artwork to others in a gallery showing or online.




Your sense of adventure takes hold.You and your sweetheart could do something very romantic. Sagittarius, you might plan a second honeymoon or spend the afternoon together behind closed doors. If you’re looking for love, you could find someone who has the same romantic ideas as you, which could be hearts and teddy bears or a steamy bath for two. Today, something romantic is likely.Sagittarius, it might feel like your family doesn’t really know you. After all these years they still don’t understand your love of adventure and your quest for knowledge. Today, you might try to enlighten them but to no avail. And if you receive a gift that seems completely off base, just understand that Neptune is involved.




You're finding a hidden talent.Today you may notice that the routines you had in place at the beginning of the year have now melted away. Capricorn, you could spend the day thinking about where things went wrong. It's better to recognize that it's natural for routines to ebb and flow. And if you can flow out of a routine, you can flow back into one. You could be doing something that requires a lot of dexterity, and you could be having the time of your life. It's possible you're going dancing, learning how to juggle, mastering knitting, or doing some sleight-of-hand magic. This is a day to do something that requires extra dexterity. Capricorn, look for something fun to do today.




You’re in the money flow.  Aquarius, this is a great day to go on a date to the most romantic restaurant you can think of. You might take your sweetheart a single flower or send them some very loving texts. Consider placing a love note on their pillow or in their lunchbox. You could have a romantic and delightful day.Now you can improve your financial situation by weaving in some spiritual aspects. Aquarius, you might burn money magic incense, place stacks of coins on your windowsill, or light a gold candle to bring in more prosperity energy. Today, think of money in terms of energy and it will be easier to attract what you want.




You’re going places.You might gather with relatives to plan a family reunion or photo shoot. Pisces, you might talk about renting a beach house so family members can come and go as they have time off in their schedule. You might talk about taking a trip to an ancestral home to see distant relatives.Pisces, you are very noticeable at this time. That means you might be called on to speak in front of a group. You could get a big part in a play. Or you might be chosen for a special award. This is a good time to enter contests, launch marketing campaigns, and start your podcast. Right now, you can shine.

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