April 18, 2019 

By Lauren Floyd 

Contributing Writer 


With about 41 percent of the vote, Compton City Councilwoman Janna Zurita is leading the primary nominating elections for Compton’s District 1. Despite projections that contenders Michelle Chambers and Jasper “Jay” Jackson would present a challenge for Zurita, the councilwoman’s progress in the primaries shows she is likely to win the seat for a third time.


The councilwoman attributes her early success in the race to getting out and meeting residents at their homes. Beyond her experience in city government which spans more than a decade, Zurita is no stranger to public policy and service. The Compton native is the daughter of retired public administrator Clarence Zurita and former Compton city Councilmember Delores Zurita. She is also the sister of current Compton Unified School District Vice President Satra Zurita.


“My campaign strategy has never wavered. I come from a family of public servants and believe community engagement is key, essential and an integral part of my being. I shall continue to engage my constituents and deliver on my commitment to the people of Compton,” says Councilwoman Zurita.


One of the commitments many Compton residents have been pressing elected officials on is the failed promise of fixing the severe pothole problem in the city. Zurita says those same concerns with infrastructure are what keep her up at night. 


“The major challenge was the history of neglect [in Compton] and lack of continuity in management. The city did not have a pavement management plan which caused the delays in street rehabilitation and the City’s ability to get funding was hampered by the lack of completed audits which are being addressed now.”


For residents who want to know what practical plans Councilwoman Zurita has to solve the issue, Zurita says, “With reforms and new policies in place the city is well on its way to recovery.”


Zurita’s resume in Compton is undeniably qualified. It’s part of what she says sets her apart from her opponents.


“Resolve, diligence and tenacity separates me from those I am challenging as well as my record of serving the residents and working hard on their behalf. I also represent residents interest on the Board of the Metropolitan Water District and I serve as Vice Chair on the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts.”


Following Councilwoman Zurita in the election was Michelle Chambers with about 22 percent of the vote. Chambers who formally served as a field representative for the city of Compton is proving to be a strong and close contender for Zurita. Chambers spoke to online blog “2 Urban Girls” about what motivated her to run, and she says it was the people of Compton.


“The residents of District 1 want change. Experienced and respectful leadership motivated me to run for this seat. As their field representative for other elected officials, they observed my passion to serve.  I was dependable and reliable, I provided services, displayed professionalism and was empathetic to their needs and concerns,” says Chambers.


Still, with 41 percent of the vote, Zurita leads with nearly twice as many votes as Chambers, while Jasper “Jay” Jackson follows with 20 percent of the vote.


As the June 4 election approaches Councilwoman Zurita has one plan for the race— “To win.” For more information on the Compton City General Elections, visit 


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