March 14, 2013



Wear your smile like it was your favorite fashion accessory this week. You’re sure to feel better when you see how many times your smile is returned to you this week. Do what makes you happy this week. Soul Affirmation: The slowness of my week gives me time to refresh my energy



You may feel restless this week because you have an excess of mental energy. You can channel that into productivity by applying your fine mind to tasks that you have been putting off for a while. You’ll feel great at the end of the week. Soul Affirmation: I let myself adapt to the flow of life around me.



You wake up feeling as good as you want to feel! Affirm your right to a healthy, happy, joy-filled life and that’s what you’ll find that you have this week! Lucky! Treat yourself to a lottery ticket! Soul Affirmation: I master life by mastering myself



Watch for petty arguments at your workplace this week. Sail past any grumbling coworkers with a smile and think about how your soul vibration radiates your happiness. You’ll look and feel very attractive to positive vibrations. Soul Affirmation: I send words like music to the ears of those around me.



A compromise may be in order; luckily, it’s easy for you to be flexible. That special other person will be very appreciative of your ability to go with the flow when necessary. You are truly one-of-a-kind! Soul Affirmation: I will actually write a love letter to the universe this week.



Peace is flowing all around you this week. Soak up the harmony as if it were sunshine and smile, smile, smile. You’ll be in sync with partners, family, friends, and even co-workers. Enjoy!  Soul Affirmation: I find a source of strength in someone I love



Your multi-tasking abilities will kick into high gear this week. While it’s sometimes difficult for you to know how to handle a particular situation, this week you’ll know the perfect answer. Everything good is unfolding! Soul Affirmation: Facing down challenges makes me feel good about myself.



Sociable, lovable you! You can have a wonderful week this week if you hook up with like-minded friends. You’ll find that many are on your wavelength this week. Appreciate your ability to bring people together. Soul Affirmation: Cheerfully handling what comes at me is the test of who I am.



Your intuition is showing, and you may surprise yourself as much as you surprise another by making a sudden intuitive leap and saying what you feel. You may feel as if you can read a certain someone’s mind. Use your gift for good. Soul Affirmation: I face each day with a smile and the day smiles back at me.



Happiness is where you find it this week. How hard are you looking? It’s easy for you to pull your thoughts away from any negative emotions and flow with your inner harmony. Let yourself be very happy this week. Soul Affirmation: Emptiness inside creates the space that I can fill with love.



Someone close to you may be acting up or acting out. Try to respond with patience and love. If that seems impossible, turn it over to your higher power and get on with your own joyful life. Soul Affirmation: I go along to get along.



You look as lovely as can be this week, as you breeze through the week like a butterfly. All communications are effective, and even more to your liking, they are fun! Enjoy some verbal soul vibrations with good friends later in the week. Soul Affirmation: I let my friendships guide my way.

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