June 14, 2012

By Rev. Mark Whitlock,

Senior Minister

Christ Our Redeemer AME Church, Irvine, CA 


Exodus 20:12 states: “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.”

Consider these reasons we should give honor to all fathers:

• God knew we are more prone to honor mother every day, so God gave one day just for Dad. Unless you were a test tube baby, we are commanded to pay honor to our fathers!

• We pay tribute to father for troubling us to stay out of turmoil.

• We pay praise to father for preparing us to prosper.

• We pay respect to father for the demonstrated reverence for God, family, and country.

• We pay credit to father for creative seeds birthing a harvest of happiness.

• We pay nobility to father for existential nihilism freeing us to become all for all in all and with all and without all. It’s really all right! 

• We pay honor to our fathers by birth, breathe, and being.

• Thank you, father, for loving the unlovable us. It does not take a man of honor to make a baby, but it takes an honorable man to raise a baby.

• Praise God for all past, present, and future fathers!

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