July 04, 2013


Assistant Managing Editor


As the frenzied free agent signing period continued though the week, the Clippers in quest of their first NBA championships made a major trade on the heels of obtaining coach Doc Rivers from Boston and resigning star point guard Chris Paul.

According to multiple reports, the Clippers traded highly sought-after Eric Bledsoe and veteran forward Caron Butler to Phoenix in exchange for shooting guard J. J. Redick and sharpshooting forward Jared Dudley.

The three team deal also involved the Milwaukee Bucks which relinquished Redick in the package. The Bucks will get two second round draft picks, one each from the Clippers and Suns.

Redick also receives a four-year $27 million contract from the Clips in a sign and trade from the Bucks.

The Suns are moving swiftly in reshaping their roster, acquiring a center in Alex Len, the fifth overall pick in the NBA draft, and a talented, young point guard in Bledsoe.

Phoenix can't negotiate a contract extension with Bledsoe until after the deal is finalized on July 10.

New Clippers executive VP and coach Doc Rivers had dinner with Redick early last week and further solidified Redick's belief that joining the Clippers and competing for a championship was his desire, sources said.

The Bucks traded for Redick at the February deadline and ultimately decided against re-signing him for the nearly $8 million per season the Clippers did.

The Bucks get a trade exception back in the deal, but it has to be renounced because they're under the salary cap.

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