March 06, 2014

I have watched and listened to all of the so-called experts (people who used to be Black) and those who aspire to become Black again respond to and comment on the National Football League’s banning of the ‘N’ Word.

That four letter sports network even had one of their reporters ask Eagles receiver Riley Cooper if he thought the word should be banned. What a joke!

What does anybody expect anyone to say in a public forum, other than what might be politically acceptable. After all some of the people are employed by the same four letter sports network.

Almost as sensible as the LAPD investigating itself after brutal beating of a Black motorist. Duh!

First and foremost the National Football League is just that a professional football league that has monopolized the sport of football, voiding itself of any competition, with federal antennas that branch out form K Street to the White House and beyond.

If any of their players are fortunate enough to play out their contracts, chances are they won’t have a memory of what they were not supposed to say.

It is the only sports league with partially guaranteed contracts, meaning they can get rid of you at their own choosing.

It is a modernized slave ship that is a vivid reminder of the days of auction block purchases. A league whose front office and coaching fraternity is dominated by non Blacks.

We would rather you not treat us like ‘N’ Word, than say you are banning the word so that we can’t say it among ourselves.

In other words, No more Rap Music, next will be haircuts and not eating or drinking any product that does not have an agreement with the NFL.

All I want from the NFL is an occasionally close Super Bowl when the best two teams are playing.

I don’t need the NFL or any of its operatives to tell me what I can and cannot say. Of course they are not talking to me because I am not an NFL player, but if you look close enough they are talking to you. I think the ‘N’ letter should be banned from N-F-L! How do I legislate that?


Just Tank It


The Lakers began this week with a 20-39 record and among the laughing stocks of the NBA season.

During a season without Kobe and a makeshift roster of players auditioning for a chance to play pro ball, the NBA’s golden nugget is resembling a copper penny.

Oh, and if you believe in what former Lakers great Jerry West had to say about the NBA draft class, then there doesn’t appear to be any help on the way.

West doesn’t believe this will be a great draft at all, and says it highly over rated.

He’s in the minority in that opinion, because most believe this will be one of the great draft classes in memory.

No one can say for sure how great, but with freshmen Jabari Parker of Duke and Andrew Wiggins of Kansas among the top of most projections this draft will be deep and transformational.

The NBA is an Over 30 League and the product with all these veterans is just not that good. It’s expensive, but the basketball ain’t pretty at all.

So, if you are going to have a league that isn’t that good anyway, you may as well infused it with young exciting raw players that fans would at least be interested in watching.

Regardless where the Lakers land in this NBA draft, they will get a player who is better than many they have and one who can be a foundational piece for their long rebuilding future.


The Great Silence


I ran into legendary Muhammad Ali photographer Howard Bingham the other day in a local grocery store.

Advancing in age, he was grabbing some fruits and veggies.

I had to ask him how the champ was doing.

Sadly, it’s not good! Ali, according to Bingham can’t speak at all anymore due to Parkinson disease. Ali’s vital signs are in good shape according to his long time photographer, but we will never hear him say “I’m The Greatest!” or another speaking word again!

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