June 04, 2015


LAWT News Service 


The Assembly unanimously approved Assemblymember Chris Holden’s (D-Pasadena) measure to reduce barriers to higher education.  The bill would create a partnership between high schools and community colleges to allow students to take college-level courses at their high schools or on community college campuses. The vote was 75 to 0.


Holden’s bi-partisan legislation (AB 288) on what’s known as concurrent or dual enrollment calls for increasing the number of college classes students can take from 11 to 15 units. It also offers opportunity for technical career classes that can potentially lead to a job.  And, it provides for remedial courses and college level coursework to prepare students for college life.


“Dual enrollment opens doors of opportunity for students who might never have thought it possible to go to college,” testified Assembly­member Holden. “This bill will allow students who may not be college-ready to be ready by the time they graduate. In our high-tech economy, a college degree will no longer be an option; it will be a requirement for jobs of the future. “


 AB 288 has strong, bi-partisan support led by joint author, Assem­bly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen, of Modesto: “California is a world-wide economic leader, so we must do everything we can to ensure that our students are qualified for the jobs of our state’s ever-changing economy,” said Olsen. “By making community college courses more accessible to high schools students, we can help ignite their sense of purpose and drive that is essential in today’s fast-paced world, while improving their eligibility for a wider range of jobs early on.”


AB 288 is supported by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, The California Community League, The California Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles Community College Dis­trict, Los Rios Community College District, Pasadena Community College District, the Orange County Business Council CA NAACP, Ed Source, Sacramento Pathways to Success, among many others.

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