September 29, 2016 

City News Service 

The Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena will take part in a pilot program announced on Wednesday aimed at providing club members with information and resources to help them apply to and enroll at University of California campuses.


The partnership between the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the UC system will begin with a pilot program involving three clubs across the state — in Pasadena, San Francisco and Merced. The Pasadena club will be paired with the UC Early Academic Outreach Program at UCLA, with the university providing college and career information. In return, students in the EAOP program will have access to club facilities and leadership opportunities.


In addition to receiving information and support from the UC, Boys & Girls Club participants will have the chance to attend activities where they can meet students and faculty, visit classrooms and eat at dining halls.


The alliance is part of a program announced two years ago to increase the enrollment of Californians in the UC. Monica Lozano, chair of the UC Board of Regents, noted that the university system has already seen large gains in California enrollment.


“This is our largest entering class of Californians, the most diverse ever, and one of our most accomplished academically,” Lozano said. “We’re encouraged by the outcomes of our efforts this year, but there’s much more work to be done. Our collaboration with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America will make it possible for more youngsters to get the information and guidance that will prepare them for a UC education.”

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