August 30, 2012

By Kenneth Miller

[Editor’s note: Ken Miller is an award winning veteran journalist who spent 30 years writing for the L.A. Sentinel and has been a popular guest on local sports talk radio for several years. This is the first edition of his weekly sports column.]

Anyone who thought for just one moment that my perspective on life is boxed into sports just think again.

While I certainly want to offer a different perspective on the sports world, it is secondary at least for the next few months when Americans will decide the fate of its first African American president, Barack Obama.

Both the Democrats and Repub­licans are sort of behaving like the crips and bloods, but they are not killing each other they just seem to be killing us slowly.

Each will stage their national conventions over the next two weeks, with the Reeps wrapping up this week in Tampa and the Dems next week in Charlotte.

I can’t help but notice that both parties play this political game of football much better than me, but I am always in tune to what side celebrities or athletes play their political hand.

I know that Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Steeler receiver Lynn Swann; a former Trojan is also a Reep, as well as former SC athletic Director Mike Garrett.

Have you ever checked out Real Sports on HBO and saw this dude Bernard Goldberg? I once admired his style of reporters until he showed up on FOX bashing the president.

I do know that many NBA players are down with the Prez, such as LeBron James, and Oprah told us a long time ago Obama is ‘Bril­liant.’

Boxing promoter Don King used to wear a George Bush button on his sequined jacket, but now says that he is a Republicrat, whatever the who that is.

Is it just me or does the Republican Party reflect a group of elitist whites, rarely a brother or sister in sight?

If Mitt Romney was a surgeon I sure would not want him operating on me. The dude goes back and forth more than a windshield wiper and just has a sneaky look about him as if he’s hiding something. Maybe his taxes? I’m just sayin’.

The kid running mate Paul Ryan has a rather sinister look about him that spells doom for us if that cat is second in command.

Personally, I have debated what the hell I am, until I look at the Republican Party. There is no one in that party that quite resembles me or my ideas.

Bottom line my friends if you think this election is about the economy or political parties you are dead wrong.

It’s about the class of races, white against Black. Them white folk want President Obama out by any means necessary, and as much as they can ‘trust what Mitt will do,’ he does have a complexion they can relate to. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!

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