February 23, 2017 

LAWT News Service 

Los Angeles Southwest College will host the annual Manchild Conference on February 25 that will provide attendees with strategies to help support and motivate male students of African-American descent in their quest to find success inside and outside of the classroom.


Leaders from throughout the surrounding community will oversee workshops at the conference that discuss societal issues and best practices for males to address them. Workshop topics will include homelessness, access to college, foster care, and more. The conference is open to all and is meant to bring the entire community together to share ideas and learn ways to best deal with an array of issues.


“We will provide avenues to develop the man-child and help them become more successful in life,” says Sidney Cosby, Manchild Conference organizer and Educational Talent Search coordinator at LASC. “All who attend, no matter what age, race or sex that they are, will be able to use what they learn to make an impact in their personal lives as well as in the lives of those they love.


Tyrone Howard, Associate Dean for Equity & Inclusion at UCLA, will be the keynote address speaker. Howard’s work focuses on issues of race, diversity, and K-12 education. Registration starts at 7:30 a.m., February 25. RSVP at evite.me/PB7fcj3GYm.

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