September 21, 2017 

By Jennifer Bihm 

Assistant Editor 



“The Young Realtist Movement will be a part of the greatest wealth creation through homeownership our community has ever seen. I am honored to be a soldier on the frontline,” said Nick Gouche, president of the Young Realtist Division, which is set to hold its launch party in Los Angeles on September 28.


YRD started off as a host committee for the National Association of Real Estate Brokers. NAREB started back in 1947, by African American Real Estate professionals who could not join National Association of Realtors to become realtors at that time, because of the color of their skin.


YRD is now re-launching chapters across the Nation, creating an inclusive movement of Black real estate professionals who are new to the industry. (young meaning new to the industry, not by age)


NAREB has a nationwide goal, “2N5”, which is a movement to help two million African Americans become homeowners in five years.


YRD has committed to the following goals:


• Providing information and encouraging college students to join the real estate industry


• Providing membership orientation to new members


• Encouraging participation in all conference events


• Making referrals to other affiliates


The launch party is set to take place at 7:30 pm (doors open at 6:00) at 3725 Don Felipe Drive in L.A. Participants will be privy to food, music and networking.

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