April 05, 2018 

City News Service 


The Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation announced this week that it has received a nearly $3.5 million grant from the California Public Utilities Commission for a renewable energy project at the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant.


“To achieve 65 percent renewable energy by 2035, we have to look beyond conventional wisdom and boldly explore new ideas and solutions,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said. “This generous grant will help us harness the power of renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at our city’s largest water treatment facility.”


The Digester Gas Utilization Project uses the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant's biogas to generate electricity and steam for the wastewater treatment and water reclamation processes.


“L.A. Sanitation staff work tirelessly to develop new and innovative ways to achieve our mission of protecting public health and the environment,” said Enrique C. Zaldivar, director and general manager of the Bureau of Sanitation. “We are thankful to the California Public Utilities Commission for acknowledging our staff’s vital work.”


The grant will be administered by the Southern California Gas Co. A check for half of the grant total has been issued to the bureau, and the remaining 50 percent will be paid annually over the next five years based on actual system performance, according to the Bureau of Sanitation.


“It’s incredibly exciting that L.A. Sanitation is being recognized as a leader in renewable energy,” said Heather Marie Repenning, vice president of the Board of Public Works. “Innovative facilities and initiatives that reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution while increasing the ability to generate our own energy are critical to our environmental sustainability.”

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