September 27, 2012

LAWT Wire Services


Congresswoman Laura Richard­son announced recently that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has awarded California State University Dominguez Hills (CSU) a grant in the amount of $180,000 to support the Nuclear Safety Applications of Autonomous Robots program.

“This grant will provide vital funding to CSU- Dominguez Hills to continue its successful efforts in providing minority students with the needed support to establish successful careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields,” Richardson said.

“As a member of Congress I have supported grant programs that [help] minority and disadvantaged students gain the educational skills and training needed to realize their dreams. CSU- Dominguez Hills has been a leader in educating minorities in the STEM fields, and the Nuclear Safety Applications of Autonomous Robots program continues in that tradition. The program provides students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills relevant to nuclear safety, security, and environmental protection, which are critical to the NRC’s mission.”

“I will continue to support legislation that gives students the opportunity to have successful college careers, and am proud to have supported the authorization of the programs that made the funding of this grant possible,” she added.

“I applaud CSU- Dominguez Hills’ efforts to educate minority students in STEM fields that are underrepresented…”

Category: Education