May 03, 2018 

By Niele Anderson 

Contributing Writer 


On Friday April 27, Hannah Bell was waiting in line to get a meal with her mother at Best Burgers on the corner of Western and 78th when a suspect with a hoodie walked up behind them and shot Bell. She died soon after she was taken to the hospital.


A prayer vigil was held on Sunday where Bell’s mom Samatha Mays, expressed, “I used to practice with them, if somebody shoots, to get down, but I never thought somebody would be so bold to just walk up and shoot randomly,” Mays said. She then tugged on her shirt, which had Hannah's face on it, saying, “She will forever be remembered as my angel on my shirt. This is how I see her, my beautiful baby.”


A press conference was held at the murder location on Monday where community leaders came to address the senseless killing.  “We know somebody [saw] who committed this crime and were asking those people to call in,” stated Lawanda Hawkins of Justice for Murdered Children. “People who stand up in our communities are heroes. You are a hero when you stand up in your community. We cannot let people commit this crime and think its ok. We run our community and we have to demand they be arrested, charged and convicted.”


Khalid Shaw of Stop the Violence Increase the Peace Foundation stated, “enough is enough,” and gave his condolences to the family. Brother Shaw then pledged $500 to the family and asked the community to do the same. A GoFundMe page has been set up in Bell’s name which reads, “Hannah Bell, born March 19, 2003--life was taken away from us on Monday, April 27, 2018. On this particular night, she mentioned to her mother Samantha Mays that she was hungry, so they walk to their corner burger stand for a bite to eat. While waiting for their order, a young man approached her to gun her down. She was a light to the family with a promising future leaving behind four siblings, unfortunately by the hands of a coward, her life was taken. Our family was not prepared we ask that you keep our family in prayer, pray for others affected by gun violence in our community. Thanks in advance.”


Police don’t believe Bell had any gang connections and are trying to discover whether or not she was the intended target. The shooting is under investigation, and no suspects have been named or arrested. Los Angeles Councilmember Mar­queece Harris-Dawson,has offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. If you have any information call (877) LAPD-247.

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