April 04, 2019


Nipsey loved his community and it showed. He was involved in many programs and projects to give back to South L.A., including Destination Crenshaw, which he worked on with Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson and others to honor our community with celebration and service. Nipsey’s legacy will live on in all of those who continue to uplift, those who continue to inspire, and those who continue to lift as they climb. My heart goes out to his family and the community that loved and admired him. Nipsey Hussle’s legacy will live forever in Crenshaw.” – Congressmember Karen Bass


“Sadly, we have lost another good brother to senseless gun violence. Our community mourns deeply and our spirits ache, but I have no doubt we will prevail as a unified community and get through these trying times. My prayers are with the Crenshaw community and the family of Nipsey Hussle as well as the other two young brothers that were injured in the shooting. The legacy of Nipsey will undoubtedly leave a positive ripple effect for generations to come. – Danny J. Bakewell, Sr., Executive Publisher Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper & L.A. Watts Times Newspaper, Founder/Creator of Taste of Soul Family Festival



“Nipsey Hussle represents the enormity of the lives that we have lost, and I felt that as I looked at that message from L.A. Fire that told me we had 3 additional shooting victims that had just occurred at Slauson and Crenshaw. And I began that message as I was reading it, standing on the street, exactly where I was at, and then I saw the name Nipsey Hussle and I looked at that again and looked at that again it was like, I could not believe it.  It just drove the added violence even just that more severe.  So, I am devastated with that because this was a voice that was trying to help and was investing in his communities.” – LAPD Chief Michel Moore


“Our hearts are with the loved ones of Nipsey Hussle and everyone touched by this awful tragedy. L.A. is hurt deeply each time a young life is lost to senseless gun violence. My Crisis Response Team is assisting the families coping with shock and grief.” – Mayor Eric Garcetti


“Ermias Asghedom, known to us as the hip-hop artist Nipsey Hussle, was a father, businessman, entertainer, and inspiration to many. We mourn his sudden and tragic passing and send his family our deepest condolences.” – Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas


“We are all devastated by the tragic death of Nipsey; he felt like family to so many people,” said Councilmember Harris-Dawson. “He was an artist, an investor, a visionary, a father, partner, son, and brother. We want to honor him in a way that represents the fullness of his humanity and his contributions to South LA and the world. We are working closely with his family to ensure their wishes are honored.” – Councilman Marqueece Harris – Dawson


“The tragic and senseless death of the man we knew as Nipsey Hussle is an enormous loss to our community; not just because of his talent as an artist, but because of his commitment to his community.  He understood the importance of economic empowerment and self-determination and the importance of giving back to the community from which his talent was born.  He understood that he was able to succeed by standing on the shoulders of the giants of community activists who came before him and paved the path to his success. Now we must stand on his broad shoulders and finish what he started.” – Michael A. Lawson, president and CEO, Los Angeles Urban League.


“The entire community has come to a standstill. We are all in shock and deep mourning, not because of what Nipsey accomplished as an individual, but because he is such an integral part of us. He visioned and built for us.  He gave his light, his creativity, and his genius to us....for the collective. To ride for him, means to carry on that legacy, to be prolific, to be collective in our work, to be in it for the marathon. His work cannot die with his body.” – Dr. Melina Abdullah, Professor and Chair of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles, #BlackLivesMatter organizer


“Rest in Love Nipsey. I am an admirer of your wisdom which will now be part of your legacy. My heart bleeds for all those who love him. Stay strong @laurenlondon, He’s an angel on your shoulder now.” – Jada Pinkett Smith


“F–k. My whole energy is just at a low right now hearing this. We just linked for the first time in years and said we were gonna do a new song this summer cause it had been too long. You were having the best run and I was so happy watching from distance fam nobody ever talks down on your name you were a real one to your people and to the rest of us. I’m only doing this here cause I want the world to know I saw you as a man of respect and a don, Rest easy my g.” – Drake


“This doesn't make any sense! My spirit is shaken by this! Dear God may His spirit Rest In Peace and May You grant divine comfort to all his loved ones! I’m so sorry this happened to you Nipsey Hussle.” – Rihanna


“I got to know him last year and had a great conversation about who he was as a person, what he stood for, what his message was. Tried to inspire people, considering where he grew up. And how he turned that into something extremely powerful. Represented an entire city. Definitely sad, sad, tragic event.” – Steph Curry


“I’ll remember him this way, bright, genuine, forward thinking. I’ll remember the beauty that he saw in our community. And the beauty that he was. Rest in Power, King.” – Ava DuVernay


“He was a staple and the backbone of the community...a father, a boyfriend, a brother, a son, A man...what he has done for his people will never be forgotten and I can only pray that everyone who had the blessing to meet him, felt his true spirit and inspiration.  Prayers go out to Lauren, his kids, his family, Sam, Jorge, Archer, Adam, J roc, David and everyone else he touched and impacted...and I pray everyone remembers his true message… ‘the marathon continues’” – Nicolas Maye


“RIP Nipsey. I just spent Thursday with him filming a video for a beautiful new song we created with Khaled.  We filmed in Inglewood, close to where he grew up. He was so gifted, so proud of his home, so invested in his community.  Utterly stunned that he's gone so soon.” – John Legend


“So, so, SAD man!! DAMN man, this hurt.”. – LeBron James


“Our hearts are heavy over the loss of our brother, Nipsey Hussle. Rest In Peace. Our thoughts, love and prayers to his family and friends.” – Jay-Z


“You were about something positive and for your community in every chance you had to speak and because of that, you inspired millions who will uphold your legacy forever. Rest amongst the stars.” – Pharrel Williams


“RIP Nipsey man. This is tragic.” – ChanceTheRapper


“This is so painful! @NipseyHussle was doing great work for the people. Keep his legacy alive by carrying on his work! Sending love to his family. Rest in Power King.” – Colin Kaepernick


“I’m feeling so f–ked up right now.” R.I.P Nipsey. Condolences to your family. WTF!! Can we please stop!!!” – Dr. Dre


“I’m so sad right now I’ll just reflect on the good times we had.” – Snoop Dogg


Nipsey Hussle is survived by his mother, grandmother, brother, life partner and actress, Lauren London, his daughter, Emani Asghedom and son, Kross Asghedom. The Marathon continues, rest in peace Nipsey Hussle.

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