May 02, 2019 


MAR 21 - APR 19 

You might have a rough time of it this week in your love life. The truth is that you'll have little patience or understanding for what others think or say, including your partner. You might be forceful with your words and insist on dominating a situation or try to control the outcome. Unfortunately, you might come across as so intimidating that your partner is afraid to speak up for him or herself. If you notice them shutting down, you might want to take a step back and realize the impact you're having. This week it's extra intense -- and it can have consequences.



APR 20 - MAY 20 

You're in your glory this week, Taurus! A New Moon in your sign on Saturday is laced with extraordinary support from Saturn and Pluto, allowing you to manifest the most spectacular personal transformation of your life. In terms of romance you'll have an opportunity to create something solid with that special someone. This is building energy, and if you're dating someone or already in a partnership, then you can rest easy knowing that the two of you are setting up a foundation that will last. Single? Someone who isn't afraid to show you what he or she is made of is on the horizon.



MAY 21 - JUN 20 

You might be having too much of a good thing this week in love and relationships. There is big love (and sex!) potential for you thanks to Mars in your sign opposing Jupiter in your partnership sector on Sunday. This is all about grandiose gestures and major energy between you and someone special. If you're partnered up, you'll find that you two are vibrating together on a higher level this week -- both physically and spiritually. You are both eager to reach new heights in order to make your love connection even more amazing. Single? You'll have a LOT of sexual energy this week. Find an outlet.



JUN 21 - JUL 22 

You and your partner might engage in a verbal sparring match this week that leaves one of you down for the count. Neither one of you is willing to hold back, and the truth is that this might be one of the ugliest arguments you've had in a while. It seems like the root of your trouble has to do with a major disagreement about your respective parenting styles. Something might be going on with one of your kids and you both are at each other's throats instead of working together. Obviously, that approach will get you nowhere. Putting each other down solves nothing.



JUL 23 - AUG 22 

If you're single you might feel like you have so many options on the dating table these days that it's impossible to choose only one. In fact, your inner bachelor or bachelorette might come out to play and you might feel more like sampling what's out there rather than trying to find someone to settle down with. There's nothing wrong with having some good, clean fun in the romance department, and this week you'll have no shortage of opportunity. Have fun! Whether you're in a relationship or not you might be extra fertile this week. Just sayin'!



AUG 23 - SEP 22 

Virgo, you've got some dark communication energy happening and it's all focused on your love life. That means your love interest is about to get hit hard with whatever it is you've got to say. Now, it is possible that you'll discover some unsavory information about your lover this week (such as a lie or betrayal), and if so, you'll call him or her out on it in a way that makes them regret ever trying to do you dirty. But don't assume your partner is up to no good. This week, you might just be paranoid.



SEP 23 - OCT 22 

Your partner has a lot of bark to his or her bite this week. Unfortunately, it looks as if peace is the last thing you'll experience in the love and relationship department as a result of this. Your mate wants to fight, pure and simple, and will have no trouble saying exactly what will push your buttons the most. How you react, however, is your call. You can either engage in this petty war or words or you can choose to take the high road and focus on something else entirely. Remember: if your partner doesn't have an audience, eventually the antics will stop.



OCT 23 - NOV 21 

Your love life is hopping this week thanks to a gorgeous New Moon landing in your partnership sector on Saturday. This lunation will be at a perfect angle to both Saturn and Pluto, now wedged in your message sector. As a result, if you're partnered up already it'll be an ideal time to make any major decisions with your mate. They'll be solid and long lasting. If you're dating someone, then it's possible you'll decide to make the relationship more substantial. This will also be a great week to sign any contract with your sweetheart, whether it's business-related or personal.



NOV 22 - DEC 21 

Ouch. Mercury is moving fast through your romance sector, but will be at harsh angles to both Saturn and Pluto this week, making your thoughts and words about love anything but sweet. You might shoot down someone's advances very quickly if your Spidey senses signal that this person is not on the up and up. If you get one whiff of dishonesty, you'll let him or her have it and quickly cut the person off. If you're dating, someone then the two of you might have a lovers' quarrel this week about money, sex, or both. Words spoken in haste might be regretted later.



DEC 22 - JAN 19 

If you're single, then you've got more opportunity for love than you've had in your entire life. Not only is Uranus in your romance sector, waking up your heart and stirring your soul to become open to love in new ways, but this week, something else is happening. It's a New Moon which is all about opening up the potential for you to meet someone new and fall head over heels in love. This lunation is at a gorgeous angle to both Saturn and Pluto, both in your sign. That means you'll find this person you meet strangely familiar and comforting. It will just feel right -- like a worn-in pair of jeans. Comfy, cozy, yet electrifying love. What could be better?



JAN 20 - FEB 18 

You've got no time for lies, games, deception, or control issues. If there is any hint of your lover trying to pull you into this type of web, you're sure to react harshly. In fact, it's possible that you smell a rat, and if so, you're going to call out your sweetheart on his or her BS. Another possibility is that you might find out something that makes your blood boil, but decide to keep quiet about it while you strategize what to do next. It's like the game of love is one giant chess move for you this week. Checkmate.



FEB 19 - MAR 20 

You and your partner might have a genuine war of words this week about a financial matter. You're clearly not happy about the way money is being handled and you're going to let your partner know. The only trouble is that you might come across in a controlling or even manipulative way to your mate, and if this happens, it won't end well. Be careful not to take a "my way or the highway" approach to this situation unless you're prepared for some serious fall out. Ouch!

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