May 16, 2019 

By Brian W. Carter 

Contributing Writer 


There’s a new facility ready to get the community in shape on every level from your body to your mind. Coach La La V. is the owner of Thrive Fitness Lab (TFL) and she has a goal in mind—you reaching your full potential. She spoke to the Sentinel about her passion, TFL and her plans for the community.


“We are a class-based facility that gives everyone the feeling they have a personal trainer,” said Coach La La V. “We consider client goals and support them in achieving them.


“Thrive is a community center.”


Coach La La V. grew up on Don Tomaso in Baldwins Hills.  She attended Palisades High School and Howard University, graduating with a B.A. in interior design.


In 2014, she started her career in health and wellness attaining her certifications as a WITS certified personal trainer, NASM corrective exercise specialist, AASDN nutrition specialist and is TRX suspension & group training qualified.


“We are a family who checks in with each other and encourages each other,” said Coach La La V. “What sets us apart is our passion to ensure that clients always use correct form which helps with lessening pain and injury while exercising.”


Open seven days a week, TFL offers a range of classes from stretch therapy and TRX, to yoga and meditation. Located in the Crenshaw corridor of Los Angeles, TFL believes in empowerment, education, and community.


“We aim to encourage and empower communities through education, proactive programming, and holistic wellness,” said Coach La La V. “The Lab is a diverse environment where people of all backgrounds and fitness goals feel comfortable and encouraged to meet their goals together.”


TFL offers a wide range of fitness programs and services including high intensity interval training, stretch therapy, personal training, stretch therapy/massage, corrective exercise, nutrition coaching, workshop series and a meal prep service.


TFL recently hosted an open house on Saturday, May 4. The open house welcomed the Crenshaw community and surrounding neighborhoods to encourage overall wellness classes and meal prep services. Coach La La V. spoke on the turnout.


“It was amazing!” said Coach La La V.


“We had about 150 attendees who were able to take complimentary 30-minute class demos by our enthusiastic trainers, taste test our new meal prep service by Nikkimomo, reserve a spot to get their body composition done by Body Spec and sign up for our 6 Week Glow Up Challenge.”


The Glow Up Challenge is a six-week full body transformation, which is taking place from May 6 until June 10. Coach La La V. offered some free advice on how to jumpstart moving towards better health and fitness. Her bottom line is to “keep it simple and don’t overthink it.”


“Nutrition is key,” said Coach La La V. “Avoid fried foods, processed foods, excess of sauces/condiments, and large portions.


“Eat more vegetables, season with fresh herbs and drink more water.”


As far as exercise, Coach La La V. says, “Start with walking, then jogging, then running.




“To get results, you don’t only have to do weight lifting and running. There are plenty of activities that you can do to yield results. Group classes, dancing, hiking, team sports, skating, and more. Find your fit by finding activities that interest you so you don’t get bored.



She also added, “Get sleep—sleep is the time when growth hormones are released. Growth hormone stimulates muscle growth and repair, bone building and fat burning.”


TFL is currently offering a few community donation-based classes to be inclusive of all those around the center.


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