October 24, 2019 

By Kristina Dixon 

Contributing Writer 


At the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and King Boulevard, Taste of Soul’s R&B and hip-hop lovers eagerly came to watch EU feat. Sugar Bear, Dru Hill, Keri Wilson, Johnny Gill and Doug E. Fresh perform their R&B and hip-hop chart-topping hits at the Hyundai Sound Stage on October 19th.


With food in one hand and cell phone in the other, festival-goers sang along to each lyric.





The crowd yelled and sounds of excitement and anticipation filled the air as each performer left the stage to hug and give gifts to their supporters and loyal listeners.


Johnny Gill said, it’s great to be involved and great to be apart of this community.


I have said it before, people who have a platform, people like myself and many others we have to be responsible and made accountable by figuring out what we need to do to help uplift our community.”


Special guests surprises by Taste of Soul Founder and Creator Danny J. Bakewell Sr., U.S. Congress­woman Maxine Waters and Ralph Tresvant of New Edition.




Zafar Brooks of Hyundai said, “This is bigger than us. We are here to set an example for the younger generation that is watching us.






Which is we need to continue to be an example and push forward. Each and every one of us needs to do our part. Let’s start now.”




Angelenos embraced and partied with each other as Doug E. Fresh hosted the stage with his infamous beatboxing talents and classic “Teach Me How To Dougie” dance moves.





DJ Mal-Ski and friends kept the crowd dancing in between sets with WestCoast classics, along with Comic Dexter Smiles. DJ Malski said, “This is the one time that our people come out and celebrate as one.








There is no other time in LA that we come together and celebrate as one other than sports or a funeral.




Like Nipsey Hussle’s funeral brought out the people.”






It was a day for community. Friends, family and neighbors came together to celebrate each other and their culture.





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