November 07, 2019 

By Betti Halsell 

Contributing Writer 


Grammy award winning artist Bobby Brown and  his lovely wife Alicia Etheredge-Brown orchestrate a nonprofit organization named after Bobby Brown’s beloved daughter, Bobbi Kristina. They constructed a serenity house to be an oasis for those experiencing emotional and physical turmoil due to assault and brutality.


To honor Bobbi Kristina’s life that came to an end due to domestic violence in 2015, Alicia and Bobby are turning what has been a painful memory into a legion of miraculous events. This type of love and service has not only benefited the community; it also has been an aid in healing for the Brown family.



To celebrate the accomplishments and bring awareness to the mission of the Bobbi Kristina Serenity House, the Browns hosted their annual Gala to honor others who are projecting a positive light into their community. The BKSH 2nd annual Gala and Golf Tournament honored  D.L. Hughley as well as Leah and Dana Pump for their major influence in uplifting our society with their dedication to public service.


The Bobbi Kristina Serenity House is a nonprofit organization created to support people who are survivors of domestic violence.

The Browns join the crusade for change in remembrance of Bobby Brown’s daughter; Alicia and Bobby felt the meteoric impact of losing a loved one and how domestic violence can affect the whole family. As a result, they wanted to put their efforts into being a beacon of hope for those facing similar experiences. The BKSH mission is to eliminate the epidemic of domestic violence and oppression by providing round the clock service and healing programs. They want to be readily available when someone makes that decision for change.


Recognizing how public benevolence is significant for people with an effectual platform, Bobby and Alicia acknowledged others who contribute positive servitude in their community. The two-day Gala and Golf tournament happened on November 3rd, and 4th.

Comedian and activist D.L. Hughley was honored for his efforts in bringing social awareness of the successes and challenges of autism; he received the Courage of Voice Award. Other awards that were presented went to Leah and Dana Pump.


The Pumps earned the Courage of Hope Award for the charitable acts performed through their foundations that include working closely with student athletes and a faith-based foundation that works to empower young women.



The gala was a night to remember with a performance by Faith Evans and many more appearances supporting the cause such as Macy Gray, Marla Gibbs, and MLB hall of famer Dave Winfield .This type of selfless work and devotion has healed many, but also has been a joy for Bobby Brown and his family.


Bobby has shown supernatural strength during this time of managing a charity organization, coordinating a gala, and still being present as a family man. When asked where he finds his strength he stated, “I got a strong family, my wife is very loving and caring. And my kids, they hold me up.


I do go through my times every now and then, but they are there to pick me up when I am feeling down.” That family connection has been the foundation for the Bobbi Kristina Serenity House and continues to fuel the process for change.

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