November 08, 2012

By LAWT News Service


Council President Herb Wesson has announced that the Los Angeles Fire Department is now conducting its hiring campaign this fall.  Hiring for the Fire Department was suspended three years ago because of the city’s budget crisis.

Over the next two years 300 firefighter positions have been funded and will be available for which applicants can compete.  The Fire Department will be hiring the first 150 firefighters between 2013 and 2014.

“This is a great opportunity for someone with the necessary skills and level of physical ability,” said Wesson.  “We need men and women of good character who have a strong desire to serve the community.  I expect there will be thousands of people who have an interest.”

This will be an opportunity to improve the diversity of the Fire Department.  Currently, women make up approximately 3 percent, Asian-Ameri­cans 7 percent, African-Ameri­cans 11 percent, and Hispanics 31 percent.

Those applying must take a written test, be in good physical condition and be able to pass the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), said LAFD personnel.  Candidates are required to pay $150 to take the CPAT, which requires applicants to excel in timed trials climbing stairs, dragging hoses and tests strength and endurance.

The Fire Department offers free CPAT practice session.  More detailed information can be accessed by contacting the department by phone at 855-552-LAFD, or at

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