February 13, 2020 

By Khari Jones Jr. 

Contributing Writer 


Los Angeles Rams linebacker, Kenny Young hosted the first event from his foundation, Tackle Young. He donated $5,000.00 and over 400 books to Grape Street Elementary for teachers and students to promote the importance of financial literacy. Young was motivated to start his foundation by the things he experienced when he was young and how he handles himself on the field, by tackling his opponents quickly before they get a touchdown.


Young aspires for younger children to apply that same mindset to the issues they have now. He believes youth should understand and be aware of tackling their problems early before they get older, and the issues become a bigger problem. Young believes it's all about the mindset, so instilling this state of mind into kids now will create a better future for them.


Young says, “In my career, I tackle my opponents quickly before they get a touchdown; otherwise, it would be a problem.


With little kids, this is an opportunity for them to understand and be aware of tackling issues early. If the drama is at home, internal or the classroom, we are about to handle it early.


“Being aware of tackling issues early before they get older, and before the issues are too big to handle.”


He goes on to say, “This is something that I apply to my life. I was a dreamer, and I know where I wanted to go in life. I come from a pretty hectic background. I want to share my testimony with kids. It's all about the mindset. Whatever you're going through, read about it and learn.”


Young says managing your emotions and self-education is a skill. Most children do not learn about emotional intelligence (EQ). Learning EQ at a young age can change a generation. Studies show that having a higher EQ leads to greater success than the actual school curriculum. Children react to their emotions and sometimes can lead to destruction because they don't understand why they are having these emotions. Instead of them being confused, not understanding why they are feeling a certain way, Young and The Tackle Young foundation partnered with Wasserman Media Group and provided youth with books to read that focuses on controlling your emotions.


Young says, "It starts with a choice, but it also starts with recognizing that you have the ability and the power to make a choice.


“Our hope is that you start making healthy choices in the long run. If you have that approach, you'll find yourself in a great place in life, and the world will be in a much better place.”


Young feels emotional intelligence is the key to success in this life, as society needs to make sure kids grasp this concept at a younger age. This is an excellent start for the Tackle Young foundation because youth need help in that area.


He said, “When I got these books and saw their faces, it was breathtaking. They were so excited. This event is one of many opportunities we are going to do with Grape Street.”


To many, what Young’s workis extremely important, as he demonstrates the leadership that youth will continue to follow, and in return, they will replicate such actions, helping those coming up behind them. Young is empowering the next generation with his spirit of giving back.


The primary purpose of the books is to make sure children understand they have power over their emotions.


The majority of adults today are just now learning that a critical component to success is controlling your emotions.


“We have to tackle the youth, we have to get in their heads—awareness is key, self-awareness is key, education is key, and asking questions is ok.


“Grape Street is a huge opportunity for us to make this dream work. My agency, Wasserman Media Group, partnered with my organization to make this happen.”


Young’s motivation for donating the books is educating these kids and get them excited about learning. He anticipates that Tackle Young Foundation will help shape the future for many generations to come. Kenny Young is striving to change the narrative for the youth. 

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