June 04, 2020

By Bertram Keller

Contributing Writer


March 13th— During the outset of Coronavirus and self-quarantining in the U.S., a innocent woman was shot and killed by the hands of Louisville police. Breonna Taylor, twenty-six, an accomplished EMT for the city of Louisville, Kentucky was shot 8 times in her apartment shortly after midnight.

12:40AM—Police used a battering ram to enter Taylor’s apartment concerning a narcotics investigation. Preceding the raid, Detective Joshua Jaynes ordered a “no-knock” search warrant, which was signed by Circuit Court Judge Mary M. Shaw; however, Shaw has yet to release a statement on Taylor’s murder.

Taylor and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker were watching a movie. Following a inimical battering ram punching through the door; like many would, Walker’s first instinct was to protect their home. 

The Louisville Metro Police Department said they knocked first and announced themselves —regardless of having a “no-knock” warrant —local witnesses have questioned police’s claim. Police body-cameras were off during the drug raid.

According to the arrest report, LMPD Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, Detectives Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove busted their way into Taylor's apartment where officers were met with gunfire. Walker reportedly shoots Sgt. Mattingly in the leg, which really led to a panic of unloading more than 20 deathly shots. The scrambling gunfire said to come from detectives Mattingly, Hankison and Cosgrove.

12:48AM—Breonna Taylor is pronounced dead. Taylor’s boyfriend told the emergency operator “I don't know what happened ... somebody kicked in the door and shot my girlfriend." When responders asked where she was shot, Walker said, "I don't know, she is on the ground right now,” and repeated “I don't know, I don't know.” The audio of the 911 call was released by Taylor’s family attorney, CBS affiliate WLKY-TV reported.

LMPD entered Taylor’s home with a “no-knock” search warrant looking for illegal drugs; however, Taylor and Walker are not criminally-minded people. The couple did not possess any illegal drugs, and do not have criminal history. The incompetent communication skills demonstrated by LMPD mixed with the malpractice of protocol; the night was in vain, to where the officers really raided the wrong house.


Detective Jaynes cited an affidavit for a “no-knock” search warrant, which was warranted at the residence of suspects Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker; whom were the targets of the narcotic investigation. Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker’s name was not at all mentioned in the search warrant issued to Taylor’s home. 

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against LMPD, the lawsuit cites that the police’s motivation for the search was to arrest the suspect Jamarcus Glover. Despite that Glover was already detained that morning of the drug raid prior to Taylor’s murder.

Taylor family attorney, Benjamin Crump stated, “This was a botched investigation, that ended with an innocent young woman killed. [Police] did not check to see if [Glover] was already in custody before they went in shooting over 22 times.”

Below is a full statement of Taylor Family’s attorney Benjamin Crump, Sam Aguiar and Lonita Baker:

“Today, Louisville postal inspector Tony Gooden asserted that the LMPD did not use his office to verify that a drug suspect delivered packages to Breonna Taylor’s address, which directly contradicts what the police stated in the affidavit to secure a no-knock warrant for the home. 

This revelation validates what we already knew: This young woman was brutally and unjustifiably killed by Louisville police, who supplied false information on the warrant they used to enter her home unannounced. Gooden further stated that ‘no packages of interest were going there.’ We will continue to demand transparency from the Louisville police on behalf of Breonna’s family.”

Breonna Taylor was a Western High School graduate c/o 2011. She was an experienced college student at the University of Kentucky. An accomplished EMT, who worked full-time as ER technician for two hospitals, Jewish East and PRN for Norton Healthcare.  Likely, prepping to confront the coronavirus during it’s early outbreak. In the comfort of her own home, likely half asleep, she was brutally murdered. Due to the panic of gunfire, investigating the incorrect address, as well as a failure to verify and legitimized police records. Incompetence could just be an accommodating excuse for Louisville authorities.

Tragically, the fatal killing of an unarmed citizen by detectives Mattingly, Hankison and Cosgrove will never restore the lives of everyone affected by Breonna’s death.

Kenneth Walker was charged with attempted murder and assault; however, Commonwealth’s attorney, Tom Wine, announced Walker was dismissed of all charges.

As for officer(s) Mattingly, Hankison and Cosgrove; all three detectives are in an ongoing litigation with Taylor’s family. LMPD has declined to comment on the pending case, but confirmed the three detectives have remained on administrative reassignment while internal investigation is ongoing.

A federal lawsuit against detective Hankison remains unresolved. He was indicted for harassing suspects by way of unnecessary arrests.

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