September 24, 2020


MAR 21 - APR 19

You’ll be feeling especially self-assured when it comes to working on one-on-one projects and pursuing shared goals with a significant other, business partner, friend, or loved. Prioritizing collaboration and hearing one another out as you work through every step of the way can lead to success.  Doing your best to take a step back, take a deep breath, and strive for diplomacy and patience can bolster productivity.



APR 20 - MAY 20

You should enjoy a burst of confidence around your daily routine and health goals. The key to making the most of this transit is striking a balance between the more aggressive pushes (like cardio, running, or following a super clean healthy eating plan) and caring for yourself mentally and emotionally (think therapy, sound baths, or meditation). A clear, impactful dialogue now could help you preempt confusion down the road.



MAY 21 - JUN 20

Enjoying more pleasurable downtime with friends, loved ones, and someone special. Don’t shy away from making your joy and relaxation a priority. Finding new ways to build self-care into your daily routine can be empowering and rejuvenating. Then, you might do well to dive into researching an intriguing new health approach or making important medical appointments. Gathering all the information you can now help you navigate any bumps that might pop up down the road. 



JUN 21 - JUL 22

You’ll crave more quality time spent on domestic pleasures, like enjoying a beautiful meal, baking, gardening, perfecting the interior design of your space in a way that boosts a feeling of calm, fall cleaning, and getting ready for the holiday season. Enjoying time-honored traditions with loved ones can also warm your heart and bring unparalleled emotional fulfillment. Heartfelt, flirtatious communication is emphasized now, so if you’ve been wanting to share something special, particularly in an artistic way, go for it.



JUL 23 - AUG 22

You’ll get a burst of self-assuredness around all those to-dos on your calendar and social plans you’ve been wanting to make. Asserting yourself is generally easy, but now, you’ll feel even more centered in the way you’re approaching these everyday interactions. It can be a fruitful time to brainstorm alongside colleagues or discuss a big picture pitch with friends. Take advantage by having any crucial conversations with loved ones and getting organized in a way that makes it easy to set yourself up for improved work-life balance in the weeks ahead.



AUG 23 - SEP 22

You’ll be extra empowered to go after professional opportunities that reflect your values and dreams. Putting yourself out there in a diplomatic but assertive way during this period could lead to concrete financial rewards. Then, you’ll be connecting and making plans with friends, loved ones, colleagues, and higher-ups left and right. All this cerebral energy might actually be a bit overwhelming for you, so be sure to take time-outs to prioritize your self-care, which could look as simple as a five-minute stretching session or pre-bedtime meditation app routine. 



SEP 23 - OCT 22

You’ll be feeling especially comfortable in your skin and fired up when it comes to pursuing your long-term dreams. This is your season, Libra, so you have every right to take the bull by the horns and shine whenever possible. Meet with that higher-up or pitch that seemingly longshot client. You’ve got this! Make the most of this moment by getting clear on long-term financial goals and ensuring all ducks are in a row in terms of everyday investments and income. Then, feel free to share your boldest pitches with colleagues and higher-ups. A winning combo of hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm is sure to sell anything you have your heart set on. 



OCT 23 - NOV 21

It’s a sweet time to dream and feel productive. What you meditate and muse on now could actually serve as a roadmap for fulfilling major goals down the road. Then, you’ll get the green light to put what’s in your heart into words in a truly impactful way. You might do well to put this energy to use in a relationship, opening up about deep emotional wounds or fantasies with your partner, or meeting with higher-ups and verbalizing aspirations you’ve been keeping in your back pocket until now. Either way, the more open the lines of communication now, the smoother your personal sailing could be in the coming weeks.



NOV 22 - DEC 21

You’ll be feeling positive, sensitive, and interested in having an eye-opening. Sharing your needs with a significant other or loved one could help you land on the perfect game plan.  And while you’re generally drawn to spiritual pursuits, you might be even more pumped to learn more about yourself through psychology, meditation, or metaphysical practices. Diving in and gathering as much information and support as you can now help you better cope with old wounds that might pop up in the coming weeks. 



DEC 22 - JAN 19

Cultivating competence and self-assuredness on the job is your general M.O., but you’ll enjoy an extra burst of confidence around professional matters. Bringing a balanced, diplomatic, artistic viewpoint to the table can be a particularly smart way to appeal to higher-ups and end up earning their recognition, not to mention more responsibility and opportunity. Talk about a win. Collaborating with friends, neighbors, or colleagues on team efforts that are near and dear to your heart can feel especially stimulating intellectually and fulfilling emotionally. Making room for everyone’s strengths to shine sets up group success.



JAN 20 - FEB 18

Shrugging off your usual routine in an effort to hone your skillset and broaden your horizons could feel even more appealing than usual. Consider planning a short trip or downloading an app that will support your efforts to soak up knowledge. You’ll be rejuvenated by prioritizing your mental and spiritual growth. Do your best to sign off on clear, long-term agreements during this period, which can preempt any misunderstandings in the coming weeks.



FEB 19 - MAR 20

You might do well to hold your tongue or, at the very least, consider a far more diplomatic approach to communication. That’s because money issues, especially those in which love ones are involved, could pave the way for a tense conflict. But striking a softer, more patient tone can help you keep the peace.  You’ll do well to research interesting ways to hone your professional skill set, as it could ultimately lead to advancing your career. 

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