December 03, 2020

By Betti Halsell

Contributing Writer


Brothers, Cary and Duane Earle brought in their success by observing what works, Cary Earle went into detail about the restaurant’s foundation. Earle’s Restaurant is located down the street from the LA Sentinel Headquarters, on 3864 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90008.


They became a destination spot from their earlier years or making American classics.


Their comfort food rings true to the traditional taste of a great hot dog, but today, there is a twist of soulful and healthy items that represent the community and has supported their dream from the beginning.


Cary explained the family is a significant part of the business, describing his brother, Duane’s role in the restaurant.

This care and connection transferred over to the food and delicacies offered at Earle’s. Currently, during a time of extreme measure for assistance, the Earle’s team has highlighted their focus on the community.


Cary explained the need to show up when help is needed. Earle’s restaurant provides meals to the most susceptible to COVID-19, such as the senior-citizen community.

Digging deep into the history of being located on Crenshaw, Cary dived into the past locations and described a time lapse of the alterations of the community.

He mentioned the Crenshaw Swap Meet that served as a furniture store before. This breakdown in community time travel, is significant to the start of Earle’s restaurant as they started to build out their vision of honest, great food.

Being in the heart of Crenshaw, the vivid images of evolution continued, according to Cary.

He explained that the journey to be one of the best comfort food spots in town began in the early 1980s.


Cary shared his mentality when he saw people selling hotdogs on Venice beach, he said. 


“A light bulb went off; I can do that. And I jumped headfirst.” He stopped going to school, stopped working at his job at the time, and dedicated his energy into building the now well-known staple in the collective community.

Cary is a hot dog connoisseur; he has gained an abundance of knowledge about the feel-good delicacies he provides on his menu.

One could find a breadth of options to choose from, including vegan and health-conscious related items alongside a classic burger or Jamaican patty.

Cary has adapted to the tastebuds of the community which keeps them running back for more.


With all business practices having to adjust to the safety measures related to preventing COVID-19 transmission, Cary assured that the safety of the people he serves remains at the forefront.


His restaurant has completely accepted the adjustments needed to accommodate the health office’s orders. Cary stated, when speaking about the County regulations, “Whatever they tell you to do, you just do it.

They want you to wear masks, wash your hands, keep people six feet apart, the thing is don’t fight them—just follow the rules.”

As news of an increase regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Cary reflected on the need to be involved in the community. For Earle’s restaurant, it's not all about the business, it is about providing a safe place to accept the help one might need to get by.

In the name of family and tradition, Cary reminisced on the Thanksgiving dinner coordinated through his restaurant and LAPD to provide comfort to a community elementary school. 

Cary closed by encouraging others to perform selfless acts.

One can find the love and comfort that stems from Earle’s Restaurant by placing a phone order.

Providing a true connection, Cary may pick up the phone to assist; the phone number is 323-299-2867 or it can be ordered online through Grubhub, Postmates, and other major food delivery services.

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