January 28, 2021


MAR 21 - APR 19

No matter what your romantic scenario is, Aries, this week you are electing to remain blind so that you can choose love. Perhaps you know on some level that your partner has done something hurtful to you -- maybe even something that can damage your relationship. If this is the case, you are simply not equipped to face reality just yet. Early in the week, for your own self-protection, you must focus on forgiveness and compassion. Fortunately, by the end of the week this intentional blindness can soften you enough to support a healing outcome.



APR 20 - MAY 20

You and your sweetheart can easily feel as if you both have found a dream come true in one another this week. On Monday, a gorgeous Venus-Neptune conjunction will land in the area of your chart ruling your greatest hopes and wishes. This signals the most beautiful potential for that grand romantic fantasy of yours to actually happen. This bond goes way beyond anything physical, so it's possible that you and your partner won't even need to touch one another to feel that depth of connection. It all seems too good to be true, and yet, it isn't.



MAY 21 - JUN 20

Your partner might not be a good source of support this week when it comes to your career goals. If you have an important decision to make, using your mate as a sounding board may only confuse you rather than help you figure things out. Another possibility is that you might have a dream-come-true career opportunity that comes your way, but it will require a major sacrifice in terms of time and attention you can give to your mate. It'll be a major adjustment for both of you, but the money seems too good to pass up.



JUN 21 - JUL 22

If your faith in love has been shattered, Cancer, this week it's likely to be restored. Talking to a mentor, life coach, spiritual advisor, or even psychic might help you remember that any wall you've put up out of self-protection is only keeping you from the love that is meant to be yours. No one likes feeling betrayed or getting their heart broken, but if you continue to keep yourself closed off to romantic opportunities, you are only missing out on the potential to experience a stronger, wiser, and deeper love with someone. Happily, your perspective may shift in a powerful way thanks to that discussion with someone you hold in high regard. You'll be grateful.



JUL 23 - AUG 22

There is a big difference between having sex and making love, Leo, and this week, you're going to experience the very best of both of these worlds. Finally, you're able to open yourself up enough to be vulnerable and sentimental with the person you have fallen madly in love with. Having sex is a physical act filled with passion and release, but making love is a combination of the physical leading to emotional fulfillment and deep soul-bonding with someone. You might very well have the best sex of your life this week, Leo. Why? Because you've decided to choose love. Lucky you!



AUG 23 - SEP 22

Although you and your partner might not see eye to eye on a domestic matter, it doesn't seem to be a deal-breaker in your relationship this week. In fact, you are more optimistic than ever about your lover and all the potential in your connection. You've invested your heart and soul into this relationship and, once you've poured yourself so deeply into someone, it's not easy to remain unattached. Fortunately, the bond you share with your mate is one that restores your faith in love and, because of this, you're more than willing to overlook the small imperfections.



SEP 23 - OCT 22

A conversation with one of your colleagues about your love life might not be such a smart move. There is a possibility that this person will gossip about your personal life to someone else, leaving you disappointed about ever choosing to confide in them. You might also experience a certain amount of disappointment in your partner if you are frustrated about any imbalance in chores or other jobs you must take care of together. If you feel as if you're holding all the weight in your relationship and your mate is disappearing when you need help, then it's time to address it.



OCT 23 - NOV 21

Venus and Neptune will embrace in your true love sector this Monday, setting up the perfect opportunity for you to experience inspiring fairytale romance. If you are dating someone, then you will surely feel this energy as you recognize that you are suddenly more open to love than ever before. There is no way you can resist this person because he or she has a way of melting your heart, disarming you, and softening those rough edges. If you're in a committed relationship, then your mate could do something this week that restores your belief in unconditional love. If single, there is the potential to meet someone new as you attend an art, film, or musical event.



NOV 22 - DEC 21

You have so much sexual energy this week, Sagittarius -- that's the good news. Now, for the bad news. It seems as if something related to a home or family matter will suck up all of your focus and attention, leaving little to no opportunity for you to actually put that libido to good use. There seems to be a real timing issue between you and your lover this week. You both want each other, so that isn't the problem. Finding a way to actually connect physically this week might seem impossible, however. Fortunately, it's temporary. You'll get through the sexual frustration.



DEC 22 - JAN 19

There is a great deal of power and inspiration in your mind this week when it comes to love. By choosing to look at the positive, rather than any negatives, in your love life, you are making a declaration to the universe to choose love over anything else. Venus and Neptune will embrace in your message sector this Monday, making it easy to have soft, compassionate, and healing conversations with your mate. Then, by Sunday, Venus will be at a perfect angle to Pluto, now in your sign. The power of love knows no limits. You are certain of this truth.



JAN 20 - FEB 18

Your sweetheart will have a way of inspiring you to be a better person. It's not that you're not already filled with humanitarian ideals and compassion for your fellow man, you certainly are! It's just that this week, there is something about your partner's behavior that will inspire you to dig a little deeper and give a little more than you usually do. You might find it touching to see how they do something extremely kind and sacrificial for someone who can never repay them back. You'll want to aspire to this level of charity.



FEB 19 - MAR 20

Venus and Neptune will align perfectly in your sign this Monday, making you the most romantic soul on the planet! Believing in that fairytale romance is not nonsense for you, it's the food that will sustain your soul. If there is anyone who can feel that "love conquers all" vibe this week and make it work, it's you. You might also feel like channeling this remarkable healing and compassionate energy into soothing the pain and suffering of others in an extremely charitable way. Love knows no limits this week. Your heart will prove it.

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