May 31, 2012

By Ashley Nash

LAWT Intern


On Wednesday, May 30, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Betty Price of the Crenshaw Christian Center ministry on the topic of her new book “Warning to Ministers, Their Wives and Mistresses: Avoid the Road to Destruction.” When asked what inspired her to write the book, Dr. Price revealed that she received several letters in the past from the wives of ministers as well as their mistresses, inquiring how to deal with and/or get out of their current situations. After years of speaking with and counseling these women, Dr. Price states that she felt the book would best answer their questions. Included are scriptures, encouraging words and witnessed testimonies that warn all parties involved of this adulterous lifestyle and how the end never turns out as good as the present may make them feel. In regards to the manipulative actions of the ministers in these cases, Dr. Price asks, “Don’t they realize that God knows and sees everything?”

Stressed within the text is the concept that the participants don’t have to live under those circumstances. Dr. Price confirms that the title of the book along with its contents are sufficient in warning all readers, while also providing them with the methods through which those involved can receive help. A letter from one of the women she first consoled was evidence that these predicaments still take place and that there is definitely a way out. Dr. Betty Price continues to speak to women, helping them to recognize who they are in Christ. Also she assists the women in realizing that if they trust in God, they won’t have to fall victim to those ministers taking advantage of the members of the congregation...that overcoming all of this is, in fact, possible.

The Crenshaw Christian Center webpage reports that “her love and concern for others” contributed to the development of programs within their ministry such as “Women Who Care” and “Women’s Fellowship,” a women’s support group and a women’s network addressing the battles of women today. In regards to her ministry, passion and inspiration, Dr. Betty Price ends with “I just want to try to help people especially women more than anything.  I’ve lived my life 78 years now and I’ve come a long way. I want to help them so that they can change while they’re young because people get into it before they realize it. So, I just want to encourage them and say stop that lifestyle...I know I can’t save everybody, but I can still help some.” Dr. Betty Price continues to minister to women, serving as a positive role model as well as uplifting voice within her church and surrounding communities. The book signing, a Sentinel Book Club presentation will also be held at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Saturday, June 9.


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