March 11, 2021

By Danny J. Bakewell, Jr.

Executive Editor


Councilwoman Tana McCoy is not your ordinary elected official.  She has lived in Compton almost her entire life; she has raised her children here in Compton and as the grandmother of 11, she brings those grandchildren to almost every community event. Because, as she tells it, “They need to experience grassroots community service firsthand.” 

Tana McCoy has been working in and for the city for years.  Before being appointed and then elected to office over four years ago, she worked as a city employee navigating the ins and outs of daily city business and understanding and advocating for what is best for the city and those who work for the city. 

The Councilwoman got into to politics after long time Councilwoman Yvonne Arceneaux retired and the Compton City Council tagged McCoy to replace her.  Before becoming a member of the Compton City Council, Mrs. McCoy had a long history of working in the city she loves. 

After serving the remaining time left on Councilwoman Arceneaux’s seat, the 3rd District overwhelming voted her in for another four years and now she is hoping to get re-affirmation on her work for another four years.



In her four years as the elected representative for Comptons 3rd District, Councilwoman McCoy says “a lot has happened, some good, some not so good.”

But she believes the city is headed in the right direction.  “I am running for re-election because I think Compton Is heading in the right direction; we have had a lot of business success and we would have seen even more had it not been for COVID.” 

Councilwoman McCoy explains that there are several major affordable and market rate housing developments planned and approved in her district.


  “If not for COVID, these developments would either be open or close to opening.  But this past year has thrown the timing of everything off.” 

That is why the Councilwoman hopes that her constituents will still vote for her.  Because, as she puts it, there is so much happening within the 3rd District and I just want to help get all of this to the finish line.

McCoy says her main focus is about helping and serving her the people of Compton, and whether she is an elected official, city employee or just a good neighbor, that is what her life is all about.


“I was always involved in something within the community, from providing meals for our seniors to making sure that our children have a safe place to play.” 

That is what McCoy did before she was elected and that is her mission now, only from the other side of the dais.  She believes Compton is a wonderful city that people from the outside need to see and experience on their own.

“We have made tremendous strides in bringing services to the residents of the city. We should have new housing popping up all over my district (District #3) and as soon as we can get COVID-19 behind us, we will.



We have a new shopping center on the corner of Compton Blvd. and Central Ave., we partnered with Neighborhood Housing Services and have now created a first- time homebuyer’s program.





But much of this got pushed back because of COVID.  Our plans have been solid and our work has been gone; we just have not had time to see these things bare the fruit that we expected, but no one expected a pandemic either.”


All of this is about moving Compton forward; mission that McCoy does not take for granted and understands that the task is ongoing.

That is why she is out knocking on doors and campaigning to be re-elected to the Compton City Council.  When asked what will be her priorities over the next four years if re-elected.

She says her first priority is to help everyone recover from COVID.  “I opened a COVID testing center in my district, but now we need to convert that program into a vaccination program. 

I am also talking and partnering with the local churches to create a mobile vaccination program.  Some seniors and residents cannot get to the local CVS, so we need to get the vaccine to them.” 


The Councilwoman says that “we have to educate everyone about the importance of getting the vaccination.”

Councilwoman McCoy thinks helping everyone get over COVID is the pathway to helping Compton find its way through the recovery.  This is not the time to bring new people in and try and figure out how to get up to speed. 





There is too much that is in place to mess around and struggle and delay the recovery process.  That is why the Councilwoman believes she is the best person to continue guiding Council District 3 back to recovery.


“We want our economy open.  We want our parks and other social service programs back open.  COVID recovery is the key to getting small and large businesses alike, back up and running. 


This is how we get our new housing back on schedule which will drive new businesses coming to our city.”  New rooftops equal new retail, stated Councilwoman McCoy.

The longtime Compton resident says she wants to see large major businesses come to Compton, but says she has not forgotten about the small local businesses either who are vital to Compton’s economy. 

“I am the councilmember who introduced Small Business Legislation along with the Latino Chamber to ensure that our small businesses thrive and are able to stay in business through these tough times.”

She also wants to see the city continue to rebuild the infrastructure and repair the streets in the city. 


“We promised the voters that we would repair the streets and one of my main focuses is to get this done in an efficient but timely manner.”  She says jobs are also a big part of her campaign platform.


Compton has made tremendous strides over the past four years; new businesses are popping up everywhere.  Companies like UPS have made significant investments into bringing businesses to the city and with these investments, comes jobs; quality jobs, good paying jobs that help build and strengthen families and communities. 

McCoy believes that Compton is a great place for both small businesses and big businesses alike. 

Not only is UPS opening a major distribution center in the former Brickyard facility, but Compton is also opening up its first In-N-Out Burger in the city this year as well.

Councilwoman McCoy, along with her colleagues, has made significant strides in moving the city in the right direction. 



They have reduced the city’s $43 million-dollar deficit by almost 40%. 

They are continually working to not only trim the fat from the budget but also continue the funding to provide quality services to the residence. 

“Safe parks and programs for our youth and support services and activities for our seniors are two of my top priorities,” said Councilwoman McCoy. 

As a long-standing member of Unity Christian Fellowship Church in Compton, Councilwoman McCoy has an unwavering faith that she will be successful in her bid to be re-elected to the Compton City Council. 


She is hopeful that as a council person or as an everyday citizen, her job will always be about serving the city and residents of Compton.

 The Los Angeles Sentinel and the LA Watts Times proudly endorse Councilwoman Tana McCoy for City Council (District #3).



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