July 01,2021

LAWT News Service


“This funding supports our larger efforts to address nearly a half-century of disinvestment in our South Los Angeles neighborhoods and its infrastructure,” said Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson. “The investment will augment the work we’ve done to address racial equity and environmental justice with the installation of protected bike lanes, enhanced street lighting, and the addition of trees and high visibility crosswalks in the Broadway-Manchester community.

The awarded funds will be added to State and County funds that are already supporting infrastructure improvements to be made in this community, including widening sidewalks, creating a median parkway, and installing sustainable landscaping and stormwater capture systems.  This will provide “multiple economic benefits to the community and is a win for the families and people of Council District Eight.

This community is home to 14 public schools that serve our residents in the surrounding neighborhoods. And throughout this process, the Council Office has engaged the community, from high school teens to the local elders. The improvements and installations are their vision. Harris-Dawson’s team was instrumental in procuring these funds as part of the Infrastructure for Rebuilding American Grants Program, a grant program that provides funding for regional and national infrastructure projects.

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