August 12, 2021

By Stacy M. Brown

NNPA Newswire Senior National Correspondent


Amid an ugly sexual misconduct scandal, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned on Tuesday, August 10.

“I’m a New Yorker, born and bred. I’m a fighter, and my instinct is to fight through this controversy because I truly believe it is politically motivated, I believe it is unfair, and it is untruthful.

I believe it demonizes behavior that is unsustainable for society,” a defiant Cuomo remarked.

“New York tough means New York loving, and I love New York, and I love you. So I would never want to be unhelpful in any way,” he asserted.


The now-former governor must deal with the fallout from accusations made by several women who said he behaved inappropriately.

After a state’s attorney general office investigation found that Cuomo betrayed his position by forcibly kissing and touching women and making lewd propositions, New York lawmakers began looking at impeaching the governor.

The attorney general’s findings concluded that Cuomo “sexually harassed multiple women and violated state law.”

Cuomo continues to deny the allegations but said he had apologized to those he “truly offended” on Tuesday.

“I take full responsibility for my actions … I’ve been too familiar with people,” Cuomo insisted.

He restated that he has hugged and kiss many people – both men and women – but only in a casual manner.

“I have done it all my life. It’s who I have been since I can remember,” Cuomo asserted.

“In my mind, I have never crossed the line with anyone, but I didn’t realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn. There are generational and cultural shifts that I just didn’t fully appreciate – and I should have. No excuses.”


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