August 19, 2021

LAWT News Service


In an unprecedented display of unity, Black members of Congress lead by Karen Bass, local elected officials lead by Supervisor Holly Mitchell along with Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas, and representatives of the California Legislative Black Caucus have organized themselves to oppose the September 14 Right Wing Recall. This dynamic group will focus specifically on ensuring Black voters turn out to vote, and vote ‘No’.

For the first time in a generation, Black Los Angeles’ political leaders unanimously agree on how the Gubernatorial Recall will hurt Black people. 

“When I secured fifty million dollars for Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science and tens of millions for CSU Dominguez Hills and MLK Hospital, I knew some people would be envious.

I never would have imagined they would try to overthrow democracy in California,” said Assemblyman Mike Gipson. 

“We’ve made so much progress in the last year toward a more equitable California. That's why it was imperative all Black officials were clear in speaking with one voice about the dire implications of a Gubernatorial Recall,” said Senator Sydney Kamlager.

The unprecedented effort is being coordinated with one of the state’s longest standing civic empowerment organizations, the African American Voter Registration, Education, and Participation Project (AAVREP). The campaign will focus on African American voters in Los Angeles County and beyond who need to be informed about this important election. 

“We are not leaving any voter behind,” said Assemblyman Gipson. 

“We take nothing for granted. As ballots arrive, we want everyone to know to vote ‘NO,’ seal the ballot, and immediately return it in the mail. The postage is prepaid,” said Senator Kamlager.

Black voters are the front line of democracy and just as they saved American democracy on 2020, the same task is in front of this community in California in 2021.

AAVREP is one of the largest organized efforts to register African American and urban voters in the country. Over 21 years, AAVREP has registered more than 400,000 voters and regularly mobilized nearly 375,000 households via telephone and door-to-door canvasing. AAVREP focuses on highlighting the importance of the African American vote utilizing culturally competent education and outreach strategies.

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