September 09, 2021



The great thing about Monday and Tuesday is that you will get a lot done. The not great thing is that you'll want to snack every step of the way. Watch that. At a certain point, snacks only weigh you down. Wednesday and Thursday, you really don't need to watch anything -- your natural impulse will be toward healthy competition, and everyone else will be on the same page -- and Friday offers the added bonus of action on the romantic front. You're on fire this week. Come Saturday, you'll feel a bit burned out. Let the weekend be restful and restorative.




You're feeling secure on Monday and Tuesday, secure enough to let down your guard and characterize your feelings to someone else. They will be curious and ask great questions. Unfortunately, Wednesday through Friday offer less in the way of good responses from others. A power struggle is in the stars, as is a tendency toward righteousness, and there's a chance that, reacting to all this, you may come across as pompous. Thankfully, come the weekend, all of that will have sorted itself out and you'll be left with two days of music, affection, and fun.




You're just being practical. You're thinking about your future. Someone around you might accuse you of being stingy on Monday or Tuesday, but perhaps they're just moody because they're not getting what they want. They're not being showered with cash. Wednesday, thankfully, your social interactions turn on how interesting your conversations are, not how much money is flying out of your pocket, and Thursday and Friday bring you further enjoyment on the intellectual front. A light debate?A reading at the library? Something like that would be good. The weekend is a blur of errands and details.




The beginning of the week is also the beginning of the rest of your life -- it really feels that way. There is a spotlight on you. What you do next is crucial. Be assertive. Tuesday you are humming with energy, and Wednesday and Thursday are extravagant larger-than-life days. You may also make an extravagant purchase -- no garage sales for you! On Friday, you're so excited about your new acquisition that you may tip into a showing-off territory, which isn't becoming. But Saturday and Sunday return you to a more regular level of modesty. Again, all your thoughts are focused on the future.




Your incredible sensitivity on Monday and Tuesday is going to lead to beautiful things. It connects you deeply to your intuition. It makes you modest. And it inspires an honest desire to maintain good will. By Wednesday, friends will be discussing plans for a statue in your honor. And that isn't even the pinnacle of your week. Thursday and Friday are magnificent. You are supremely loved. On Saturday a turn inward is in the stars -- you may be more introverted than you'd expect. Sunday, also, is a day of small personal tasks. No mountain climbing for you!




What you should be orchestrating on Monday and Tuesday is an excuse for a bunch of people to come together -- maybe a thing for friends, maybe a family thing, maybe a friends and family combo. You get your motivation these days from other people, and motivation is what you'll need to get through your hectic days on Wednesday and Thursday. By Friday, your focus is on helping a certain underdog. Saturday is a great day -- marked by achievement and clarity -- and Sunday you finally start to feel organized. You're at your happiest when you're organized.




Sure, many things may not be going your way, but check out all the flowering trees along the street, or the sounds of the wind, or the smile on a kid at the top of a slide. The small things. Even when everything else is difficult and crazy, there are ways to enjoy yourself. Wednesday and Thursday, most of your enjoyment comes from seeing other people, and on Friday, from being creative. On Saturday, be in listening mode, but if you hear a nagging voice in your own head, ignore it and get outside. Saturday evening, socialize. Sunday, sleep.




By virtue of your ability to make things happen, your desires are satisfied on Monday and Tuesday with very little string-pulling on your part. Everything just opens up the way you want it to. Don't ruin it by trying to exert control. Wednesday is a typical Wednesday -- middle of the week, work-centric, introverted, bland -- and a run-in with the boss on Thursday brings about the doldrums. Just when you were thinking of asking for a raise! Don't, obviously. Keep a low profile on Friday as well. After your midweek slump, the weekend returns you to happy footing. Friends are prominent.




Apply yourself toward really getting to know you-know-who on Monday and Tuesday. It's time to get deep. You have a lot of questions and so do they. Philosophy figures in some way. Wednesday and Thursday, you are too distracted by your good luck to think very deeply about anything, although you are utterly grateful. The sun shines down on you on Friday as well -- a perfect day for travel, or for doing something creative, or even for taking a test. All will go well. Saturday and Sunday, on the other hand, an authority figure makes things difficult.




Wherever Monday and Tuesday find you, you'd rather be someplace else. This is a frustrating feeling, but there is little you can do. Deal with whatever's in front of you, and you'll end your days with a sense of accomplishment. Midweek isn't easy on the work front -- turns out, someone you thought you understood has a whole backstory that changes everything -- and by Friday you feel utterly taxed by everyone else's demands. Oddly, you feel more relaxed and assured about work once the weekend comes. If you end up going into work on Sunday, you'll do so happily.




You are handy. If the clock breaks on Monday or Tuesday, you'll wind it up and set it back on the wall. You need a functioning clock in order to be at your best, what with all the organizational responsibilities you shoulder this week. Wednesday and Thursday, a creative solution to an interpersonal problem is far superior to a punitive solution, and on Friday, an experiment with a friend leads to an extraordinary discovery. Your interactions on Saturday and Sunday are more challenged -- take care when dealing with others. Someone's true agenda may not be obvious.




Romance is the dominant theme on Monday and Tuesday. Rather than a typical date -- coffee, food, a movie -- try climbing a tree together, or sitting in the middle of an empty soccer field, or reading aloud to one another. The more creativity you put into this, the more you'll get out of it. It's natural that your thoughts midweek (especially Wednesday and Thursday) take a turn toward fantasy, what with how much you like this person. But try to keep your head firmly in reality, especially at work on Friday. This weekend, if you-know-who has a harebrained idea, just say yes. Ask questions later.


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