October 07, 2021



Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and explain what's going on to someone who cares. That's all you need to do on Monday to relieve this crazy tension you feel. On Tuesday, you may hear from someone (possibly a family member) who brings a whole new level of tension into your week. Just repeat the breathing and relaxing again. By Wednesday, you won't have to remind yourself of this stuff, and Thursday will be a great day -- energy, strength, and competition all figure strongly. Friday will find you buried up to your ears in work, but then the weekend will be upon you. Oh, glorious weekend. On Sunday, shower all your attention on one person.




You can't figure out what gear to be in on Monday. Do you want to fly down the highway? Do you want to go slowly enough to appreciate the wildflowers along the way? On Tuesday, your indecision translates to the commercial realm: Do you want to buy such and such or do you want to shop around? Decisions! Wednesday and Thursday you barely have to make any decisions whatsoever -- charisma and magnetism decide everything. Friday is defined by a lack of both charisma and magnetism. This week is a roller coaster! Sunday brings equilibrium.




Maybe what you need to do is draw up a list of some sort. Get organized. Create a budget. This is what you're feeling on Monday and Tuesday, and as tedious as spreadsheets and the like sound, putting things in order may relax you. Wednesday and Thursday are charged days -- you and your friends are happy, garrulous, funny and driven -- but Friday is a bit dull. Communicating with family will be hard. Keeping up with all the email in your inbox will be hard. Heck, figuring out where to eat lunch will be hard. But luckily, this weekend, especially Sunday, will be blissfully effortless.




You feel like two people at the week's outset. One of you has a lot of energy and is set on tackling problems that have absolutely nothing to do with you; the other is deeply interested in your own interior life, like your goals and feelings. Finding some balance is necessary. A big purchase defines the middle of the week -- it's funny how striving for balance sometimes brings about extravagance. Toward the end of the week, you catch up with friends, focus on the small things and just generally try to be at your best.




You're sensitive on Monday and Tuesday, but you're also remarkably productive. Even good friends won't be able to tell what's going on under your exterior of extreme efficiency. If you want them to know how you feel, you'll have to tell them. And no time would be better than Wednesday or Thursday to do so since warmth and radiance will figure prominently. In the friendship realm, things will be at their best. Your heart will be placed at the center of your life this week. The money issues you'll have to deal with on Friday and Saturday may put you on edge, but Sunday will be soothing and social.




You have everyone's email addresses, and you have the social capital to make things happen. You're the one to organize this get-together, which likely involves a combination of friends and family. With the stress of the week, you might find yourself taking a walk to clear your head and release some of the pressure on your shoulders, but by Friday, people are going to be thanking you for all you've done. Being the center of the social orbit is not easy, although it can be fun. Plus, knowing you've introduced great people to one another will be one of the thrills of your week.




You're a driven person, and sometimes, when things don't progress as quickly as you'd like them to, you get frustrated. That's totally understandable, but also totally unnecessary. Give yourself -- and others -- a break. There are good things on the horizon; let the world deliver them to you when it's ready. Friends crowd every room you're in on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, most of the voices you hear are in your own head. You just can't rest! Your tirelessness is an amazing quality, but let yourself sleep in on Saturday. Sunday promises to be fantastic.




Your intuition is as good as any compass on Monday. You can tell where you're heading, but you wouldn't be able to articulate it to anyone else. On Tuesday you draw on your intuition again to connect with someone on a deep level, but Wednesday and Thursday are superficial and frustrating. The boss is being crazy. Other than keeping your head down, what can you do? Great things await you on Friday and Saturday -- and you will do something that makes someone display the most beautiful smile you've ever seen. Sunday might be a drag.




It's no one's fault. Your energies are just mismatched. You proceed through the world with a certain personality, a distinct style, and the clash you experience on Monday and Tuesday is just a minor -- and perhaps fleeting -- incompatibility with someone. Under other circumstances, you might even take to this person. Wednesday and Thursday are incredible days -- luck, travel and cheerfulness are all in the stars. Friday returns you to the same sort of struggles that defined the beginning of the week. People! Do your best and smile a lot to get through it. By Sunday, you're smiling because you mean it




If you could be anywhere else on Monday and Tuesday, you would be, but you can't. And since you're here, you might as well face the music. The situation is not nearly as fraught as you might think, and you may actually have fun dealing with things -- in the sense that it's a challenge. Wednesday and Thursday are not piece-of-cake days either, but it's nothing you can't handle. On Friday (or sometime this weekend), placing a phone call to someone you miss terribly is a great idea.




Get things done: Cross them off the list and move on. Such is Monday and Tuesday. This productivity likely comes from you ignoring some deeper emotional question, but when you're being so efficient, you almost don't care where it comes from. Toward the middle of the week, you have plenty of time to duly consider your feelings. A discovery -- probably personal -- awaits you on Thursday, and Friday and Saturday conspire to make you feel more grounded than you've felt in quite a while. On Sunday, you have a mind-blowing conversation with a brand-new friend.




Entertaining friends is a great way to see them. Make some dinner (or grab some takeout), find out what's on TV (or get a board game out of the closet) and try to have as much fun as possible. Heck, just sit around and chat if you like. The chatting midweek may take a prescriptive note -- friends telling friends what they should do about such and such -- and if you can avoid that, all the better. Relationships are your focus at the end of the week and into the weekend. Every impulse to be critical should be ignored. Be the friend you want to have in others.



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