October 21, 2021



Over the week ahead, the cosmos will encourage you to bring more beauty into your life. You and your S.O., roommate, or close friend could be inspired to beautify your space or find yourselves getting carried away with your shared daydreams. Allowing yourself to get carried away with this romantic energy brings you closer. Later on, the focus shifts to your sector of spirituality, and you could find yourself having passionate, meaningful, bond-bolstering conversations with loved ones. This influence stimulates your creativity and drive to act on what you discover.




During the week ahead, and your mind could be wandering as you imagine a variety of ways you could infuse your current work schedule with more fun and creativity. Hold onto these impulses, write them down, and share them with others. They may not be as unrealistic as you think. Later on, the focus shifts to your sector of higher education, and your efforts to get out of your comfort zone and have conversations about bold, big picture ideas with others could take a disappointing turn. You might also be running low on energy, especially when it comes to interacting with others. You’ll cope by employing patience—and perhaps a few deep breaths




During the week ahead, the astrological configuration will be very social for your sign and you’ll be craving joyful connections with friends and lovers. You’ll be stirred to be especially open and expressive—even more than usual!—about your emotions. Embrace this urge. By doing so, you’ll feel even closer to your S.O. or other loved ones. Later on, you will feel the urge to focus more of your attention on making some of your deepest dreams come true. You could have a burst of confidence around an artistic approach to a major project. The more passion you can bring to the table, the more rewarding the result.




This week, some intense astrological forces will be at play, creating friction in interactions with loved ones. You may do well to put a tense conversation on hold until cooler heads prevail. Later in the week, the energy mellows out, putting you in need of more inspiration or even creativity. This could have you craving an eye-opening, perhaps even escapist experience. Seeing a play, taking in a museum exhibit, or doing a day trip could satisfy this urge to explore, learn, and grow.




Over the week ahead, the cosmos says you have the opportunity to land something big! Going above and beyond with an artistic approach to a group project could translate to rewards—and possibly even a joyful celebration. As the week progresses, spiritual and romantic influences crank up the intensity of your deepest connection. You’ll feel especially sensual, creative, and in tune with your intuition, and sharing this with a special someone only serves to set the stage for passion.




During the week ahead, if you’ve been musing about pitching a creative project or dreaming about taking a risk with your professional path, you’d do well to reach out to colleagues now. Conversations and brainstorms set you up for recognition and rewards. Later in the week, you could be caught up in big ideas and plans for goals you share with your S.O. and/or loved ones. The downside is that you may not be able to grasp all the moving parts or details just yet. Let your vision simmer a while before making a move.




Over this week, harmonizing influences stimulate your appetite to learn and work on your personal growth. Consider checking out a new yoga or meditation class or experimenting with aromatherapy. Getting out of your comfort zone by exploring new forms of self-care could make for a blissful result. Later in the week, you could be tempted to take on more than is realistic when it comes to your fitness game plan. A measured approach would serve you best until you have all the information you need to commit to a major shift.




During the week ahead, the cosmos magnifies your desire to connect on a deeper level with your S.O. or a potential lover. Sharing what’s in your heart through words or actions can lead to a game-changing, memorable, and seriously steamy time. Later in the week, you're inspired to take a truly imaginative approach to your professional game plan. The issue is that you may only see the possibilities and not the challenges that could arise, so you’d do well to wait until you have a full read on the situation before you make a move.




Over this week, the astrological influences indicate that working on a team project, especially one that has a creative direction, is especially fulfilling now for your collegial relationships as well as career advancement. Later in the week, a dreamy, domestic vibe gives you an intense desire to stay in with your partner or a potential lover. One-on-one time and deep conversations can take your bond to the next level now.




During the week ahead, the cosmos indicates that you might feel like collaborating with others on an important project. Allowing everyone to weigh in and pitch in makes for a much more rewarding result than trying to go it alone. Later in the week, a collaboration with your partner or a close friend could take a frustrating turn. It could feel like no matter what you do you’re not able to make the progress that you thought you were on track for. Patience is key.




Over this week, friendship vibes mean that you may be itching to get out and be more social than usual. Enjoying the company of your closest friends and loved ones and going with the organic flow of your time together can feel restorative for your relationships. Later in the week, in the work realm, you could feel driven to dive into a major, ongoing professional undertaking. The more your heart is in it, the greater the payoff can be.




During this week, you’ll be feeling more confident, sensual, and fired up to connect with your partner or a potential lover. Getting carried away by your daydreams is inevitable right now, so go with it, and enjoy the ride. Later in the week, the cosmos supplies you with a burst of inspiration to chase a bold professional dream. You have the big picture vision down pat, but the details could be a bit blurry right now. Holding off on taking action until you have more solid information could serve you best. 

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