October 28, 2021



During the week ahead, a sense of adventure can have you feeling beyond ready to embrace opportunities for growth and change. In fact, you could be a bit impatient and anxious around these matters, wanting to see progress now. You’d do well to take a leap of faith and go after your wildest dreams while making room for whatever follows to happen organically. Later in the week, the cosmos stimulates your need for cozy downtime with loved ones. Working on redecorating or home improvement projects, enjoying a family vacation or reunion, or hosting gatherings can prove restorative for your heart and rejuvenating for your bonds.




Over this week, you could feel a burning desire to assert your needs to your mate or a potential partner. If you’ve been giving more than you’ve been taking, or vice versa, it’s time to face the facts. Ensuring that reciprocity exists between you will be crucial to feeling emotionally centered and invested in this relationship. Later in the week, the cosmos indicates that you could find that you’re trying to take on way too much work of your own or alongside a partner. Narrowing down your to-do list and reining in your expectations can make for smoother sailing now.




At the beginning of the week, you could be reflecting on your individual needs, as well as any compromises that need to be made in order to get to a more harmonious place with your partner or a close friend. If you’re failing to get on the same page, now is the time to commit to landing on a lasting solution. Later in the week, the cosmos could reveal cracks in your professional game plan that you may have previously glossed over. Acknowledging this reality check and taking the time to address these issues over the next few months can set you up to bring your boldest aspirations to fruition.




Over the coming week, you could clash with your partner or a close friend over an issue that’s close to your heart. At the same time, you’ll be laser-focused on doing what you need to do to get on the same page. Your efforts could make for a powerful change in your dynamic. Later in the week, you’ll enjoy a burst of confidence that makes it even easier to hit your personal wellness and professional goals. Letting your emotional ebbs and flows guide you along the way (in other words, resting when you need a break and going hard when you feel extra ambitious) makes for even more progress.




Early this week, you’ll be aching to put work aside and express yourself in a fun-loving, heartfelt, and creative way. Whether through art, writing, or socializing and opening your heart to loved ones, taking care of your playful inner dreamer is integral to your emotional balance now. Later in the week, the cosmos sharpens your focus to tend to your mind-body wellness. You’ll be fired up and determined to hit certain goals, whether that’s meditating more or spending time advancing your skill set related to a favorite fitness routine, such as yoga. Just be sure to listen to your gut and avoid pushing harder than necessary along the way.




During this week, you could be involved in a variety of collaborative projects. The more willing you are to jump into group activities when it comes to fitness or your career path, the more rewarding the experience will be. Bonus: you could make new friends and professional contacts in the process! Later in the week, the cosmos delivers a reality checks within your closest one-on-one relationships. If you’ve been wearing rose-colored glasses and failing to see the truth about an unhealthy habit, toxic dynamic, or lack of reciprocity, now is the time to see and address it in order to shore up your long-term happiness.




During the week ahead, you could see your calendar fill up with even more to-dos, errands, chores, phone calls, and meetings. If you feel like you absolutely cannot get a break no matter what you do, and you’re constantly on, it’s time to put your foot on the brake and allow yourself a well-deserved time-out. The frenetic energy now calls for you to make a conscious effort to find peace and quiet and prioritize self-care. Later in the week, you’ll feel even more confident when it comes to going after your big-picture professional goals and aspirations. Plan to have important one-on-one meetings with higher-ups to go over your vision and map out your boldest pitches. You’re sure to earn recognition for your focus and passion.




At the beginning of the week, you could be reflecting on how much time and energy you’re giving to your hustle and the rewards that are coming with that (or not). You’ll want to work on finding peace and balance around these issues, given that being emotionally present in and enjoying your work is integral to success. Later in the week, the cosmos requires you to take a more pragmatic look at the ways you’re seeking pleasure and fun. If you’ve been engaging in a bit of magical thinking related to a relationship or creative project, you might have to face the fact that it’s not exactly what you thought it was. It may not be easy, but owning this truth can ultimately have you feeling more empowered over the long haul.




Early this week, you could be frustrated if you’re not getting the amount or type of attention you’ve been expecting from your lover, friends, or other significant people in your life. You might even be apt to resort to dramatic displays to fulfill this desire. Do your best to take a more grounded approach and assert your needs in a cool, collected way. Later in the week, you’ll be driven to experience an even deeper connection with your partner or a potential lover. Sharing how you feel and what you want, perhaps even writing it down, can help you manifest your passionate vision.




At the beginning of the week, the astrological influences could have you feeling like backing out of social plans and even putting work aside (gasp!) in order to devote a solid chunk of time to rest and relaxation. Lately, you’ve been taking on more than you realize, and it could be catching up with you. A time-out for self-care is well deserved and crucial to maintaining your wellness so you can continue firing on all cylinders. Later in the week, you’ll get a burst of energy to tackle joint projects with your partner or a close friend. Your tendency could be to take on everything all at once and go hard right off the bat, which is admirable, but you’ll do even better if you can be pragmatic and lean into collaboration as opposed to running at your own pace. The ultimate win now comes from working one-on-one.




Early this week, you may find that harmony and creative stimulation are easier to come by when you’re spending time with your colleagues, closest friends, and loved ones. Yes, even more than usual! Carving out time for a group date, brainstorming session, or casual get-together has you feeling supported and boosts your bonds all around. Later in the week, you’ll feel more amped to take on an ambitious workout plan or new, healthier eating routine. Checking out a new fitness studio near your home, downloading a pedometer app, or looking into a meal delivery service could give you a fresh perspective on your existing approach. In turn, you could step up your results and feel emboldened to keep it up!




As the week begins, you may find that you’re suddenly in the spotlight as your efforts on the job are recognized and higher-ups want to tap you to take on even more responsibility. While you might shy away from being applauded in this way, you deserve credit for your hard work. This moment can also give you the power to close one professional chapter and embrace and go after your next-level goals. Later in the week, you might be tempted to take on far too many tasks at home and work. If you can’t tackle the entire list, there’s no shame. You might be a generous superhero at heart, but you’re also only human.



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