November 11, 2021 



As the week begins, your determination to pursue your desires in relationships gets a boost. You’ll be feeling more playful, energized, and driven to express what’s in your heart and take the steps necessary to make your wildest fantasies a reality. Later in the week, you’ll want to set your intentions related to making your home life more secure and comfortable. Think redecorating or even moving. Instead of taking immediate action, carve out time to tune in to your intuition and get in touch with your innate needs. Then planting the seeds for change can lead to a major, positive shift down the road.




Early in the week, you feel the urge to have animated conversations with colleagues, brainstorm big-picture ideas, and soak up tons of information. Your brain will be buzzing! You’ll do well to take a step back to think about how you can put newly acquired knowledge to use to advance your skill set and career. Later in the week, the cosmos inspires you to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to matters of the heart. This could look like seeking out an eye-opening experience with your partner, if you’re attached, or if single, putting yourself out there in a bold way to meet someone special. 




At the start of the week, you’re zeroed in on your financial picture and perhaps rethinking ways to increase your cash flow, stash more funds away, pay down debt, or feel more fulfilled by your daily work. Take all practical details into account and key into what resonates with you emotionally during this intense phase. Later in the week, you might need to go back to the drawing board to learn more about a relationship, job, or wellness routine. Though you may be frustrated if your efforts to move forward are stalled, tweaking and revising your plan now sets you up for even more success in the long term. 




In the beginning of the week, you're inspired to dream about ways you might reinvent yourself to more effectively hit personal goals. You’ll be compelled to spend solid time assessing the state of your self-image and self-confidence and identifying the moves that will help you take both to the next level. Once you know where you want to go from here, trust yourself to take action. Later in the week, you need to revisit cash-flow and investment plans. Keeping a close watch on your bank accounts would be wise, as well as exploring a side hustle that landed on the back burner. Getting more organized and focused in these ways can lay the groundwork for bolstered financial wellness.




Early in the week, you get a burst of energy to tackle major, ambitious personal goals. Whether you’ve wanted to try a new fitness regimen or healthy eating plan or apply for a dream job, you’ll have the drive to turn your vision into an exciting reality. Later in the week, you're required to take a step back and think about the image and needs you’ve been identifying with internally and projecting outwardly. If you want to sharpen your approach to day-to-day and long-term objectives, this is an ideal time to reflect and get organized. The work you put in now makes it easier to move forward in a strong, focused, and self-aware way. 




At the start of the week, you could be on the brink of a breakthrough related to a group project on the job. If you’ve been working solo, you could meet contacts now who can help you take your professional strategy to the next level. Leaning into opportunities to collaborate and believing in your dreams go hand-in-hand to pave the road to well-deserved success. Later in the week, you might feel like you’ve lost momentum when it comes to working toward personal goals. Take heart. This time period is meant for reflection, meditation, and cluing in to your intuition. Listening to your inner voice now can help you make even wiser moves down the road. 




Early in the week, you’ll be reflecting on the ways you want to take your hustle to the next level. Higher-ups could approach you with proposals to take on more responsibility, or you could be recognized for your work ethic. Either way, you’d do well to spend time envisioning your ideal career path from this point and then making moves to manifest it. Later in the week, friends and colleagues from the past could resurface out of the blue. Don’t underestimate the power of discussing your wishes, hopes, and dreams with these connections, because passionate conversations could lead to a winning joint venture. 




As the week begins, you’re more inclined to make bold calls to get ahead on the job. You’ll have even more energy and drive now to sign up for challenging projects, make presentations, and pitch your most ambitious ideas. Higher-ups will take note! Later in the week, you might feel less enthused or downright aggravated by your regular, everyday responsibilities. You’re itching to broaden your horizons and experience something unusual, which can teach you a lot about your big-picture outlook on life. If an opportunity to shake things up presents itself, you’d do well to take advantage of it now.




Early in the week, you’ll want to deepen your connection to your partner or a potential significant other. Take advantage of this intense energy by tuning in to your heart and reflecting on your most deep-rooted desires and then sharing them openly. If this leads to transformation in your closest relationships, and for you personally, you can be assured you’re moving in the right direction. Later in the week, you could be inspired to make a daring move and shake up your approach to hitting your professional goals. You’d do well to base your decision on your emotional needs and your gut instincts. 




At the start of the week, you could find yourself yearning for more physical affection and emotional closeness with your partner or a romantic interest. Being assertive about what you want and need can set you up for deserved fulfillment. Later in the week, you may find yourself reflecting on the importance of maintaining your closest connection to a significant other, a colleague, or a dear friend. Ask yourself questions about how well you collaborate one-on-one and your ability to lean on someone else, and consider how you can improve in these areas. It could not only strengthen your bond but improve your chances for personal success as well. 




When the week starts, making sweeping changes to your health and exercise routine could be at the front of your mind. You could be itching to overhaul your clean eating plan, learn more about a fitness program, or talk to a healthcare provider about a new game plan for an ongoing concern. Do your research now, then check in with your gut. You’ll know how and when to dive into your refreshed strategy. Later in the week, the cosmos requires you to turn your attention to an emotional issue from the past that has yet to be healed. By addressing these old wounds, you’ll feel more centered, happier, and healthier. 




As the week starts, you’ll feel a burst of gung-ho energy that you can apply to stepping up your fitness efforts. You’re driven to be your own advocate and ask hard-hitting questions to get ahead of any health concerns. You’ll also want to push yourself in your workouts or learn more about clean eating. As long as one of these possible routines feels right in your gut and boosts your vitality, go ahead and embrace it! Later in the week, you’ll be compelled to express what’s in your heart, perhaps in a creative way. You’ll find that by striving to be especially present, joyful, and fun-loving now, you can learn a sweet, valuable lesson. 

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