November 18, 2021



As the week begins, you’ll be especially enthusiastic about a creative date plan or playing hooky to spend quality time with your love. You’ll also be inclined to wear your heart on your sleeve and open up about your steamiest and dreamiest desires, and expressing what you want makes for major magic! Later, you could feel especially stressed out by a lack of work/life balance. You might be inspired to take a stand by asserting yourself with an authority figure, but tensions run high now, so you’d do well to tread lightly.




Early in the week is an ideal time to share your wildest thoughts, fantasies, and pitches with your colleagues or friends. Do your best to let the ideas flow without judgment, and you could inspire a pitch that is truly unique and impressive. Later in the week, a sweet night in could be exactly what your heart yearns for. If you’re attached, you’ll feel like you can be completely at ease and yourself with your love. If you’re single, devoting the evening to self-love and pampering can have you on an emotional high. 




At the beginning of the week, you’ll be on a roll professionally, coming up with a bevy of creative, thought-provoking ideas alongside your colleagues. You’ll be feeling pumped and productive, so take advantage of the moment and have that brainstorm. It’s sure to pay off! Later, the cosmos heightens your desire to connect in a physical and heartfelt way with your significant other or new romantic interest. You’ll also be especially tuned in to your gut. For this reason, you can trust that you can fully embrace whatever it is you’re feeling passionate about. It’s a natural, not to mention exciting, part of your current journey. 




At the start of the week, you should be pumped to apply to a new gig or get your financial plan even more organized and firing on all cylinders. Your confidence and mental acuity are high, so you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Going back to the drawing board to analyze what has and hasn’t worked in the past may be especially useful now. Later, you could find yourself in the midst of a power struggle with your significant other or business partner. Although it might feel challenging to make sense of it in the moment, know that there’s a lesson to be learned here. 




Early in the week, you’re excited, energized, and focused on hitting major personal goals. You’re especially capable of putting what’s in your heart into words now, so you’d do well to call that daunting meeting with your boss and pitch that ambitious passion project. Your drive, determination, and inner fire are sure to come across loud and clear. Later in the week, you may feel like bowing out of your usual daily routine so you can indulge in your daydreams and fantasies. Go for it! Getting swept up in a bit of escapism for the moment can help you fulfill your desires. 




Early in the week, your efforts to get ahead on a group project are enhanced by a focus on creativity, putting your imagination to work, as well as collaborating with friends and, if you’re attached, your significant other. Allow yourself to get swept up in the moment and run with your wildest ideas and you’re sure to succeed. Later, you’ll be especially tuned in to your needs, your passions, and how your nearest and dearest are feeling. Carving out time to lay low with loved ones can boost your bond all around.




At the start of the week, it's a perfect time to brainstorm and put your nose to the grindstone on a group project with co-workers. You’ll be particularly expressive, fired-up, and ready to get to work. Your colleagues can feed off your enthusiastic energy! Later in the week, you’ll be motivated to put your most creative eye toward your professional efforts. If you’ve wanted to pitch that out-there, imaginative idea or passion project, now’s the time. Tuning in to your heart, being true to yourself, and following your intuition can set you up for recognition and rewards. 




At the start of the week, you’ll be tempted to shrug off your usual routine and dive into a colorful, imaginative fantasy, ideally with your significant other or a potential partner. This could look like playing hooky from work and hitting the road or merely having a date during which you let yourselves get carried away and enjoy spontaneous fun as opposed to sticking to a planned agenda. Later, you may have the tendency to be a bit too idealistic or wild-eyed about a work-related project. Do your best to stick to the facts. 




When the week begins, you’ll be ready to take a risk on the job. You might be inclined to make a presentation for a bold project, call a meeting with a higher-up to share your most ambitious ideas, or apply for an exciting new opportunity. You’re driven to put what’s in your heart into words and you’ll do it well! Later in the week, you might have to contend with emotional stress and anxiety, especially with regard to a confusing dynamic with a relative. The best way to cope is to think as pragmatically as you can.




At the start of the week, expressing your physical and emotional needs comes more naturally than usual, and you’ll do well to put whatever it is you want out there in a bold way. Owning your passions can result in a dynamic, memorable moment. Later, the cosmos is signaling tension and a possible power struggle with your significant other or a close colleague. Try to steer away from allowing your ego to take the reins. Instead, focus on the tasks at hand and how you can best cooperate and cross the finish line together. You’ll come out of the situation even stronger as a team.




As the week starts, you’ll have extra oomph and focus to work toward a shared goal with your significant other or business partner. You’re able to share ideas back and forth more fluidly than usual and come up with a dynamic game plan that you’re both pumped about. Go for it! Later in the week, butting heads with a boss or overdoing it with your fitness routine could take a toll on your wellness. You’d do well to take a time-out to rest, prioritize solo time, and meditate on how you can move forward feeling more centered.




Making progress on your current wellness regimen is easier than usual early in the week. Your mind is sure to be buzzing with ideas for stepping up your daily workouts, experimenting with clean, delicious recipes, or trying a new wellness approach like acupuncture. Discussing your options with someone you trust has you feeling you even more fired up. Later, you could easily find yourself confused or off track when it comes to an important project at work. Trying to stay in the moment and focused on the task at hand can make this passing phase less frustrating. 


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